A company has created an ad that they are running through Google's AdSense on our site that, in my opinion, makes it look too much like the services are offered by us. 

We have nothing to do with the company.

I've blocked them in our AdSense account, but according to Google, it could be a few hours before the ad stops running.

In case you don't know, Google runs a service called AdSense that allows publishers to generate ad revenue from Google's AdWords advertisers.

AdSense/AdWords are fantastic services but as you can see, you need to keep an eye out for problems.  This is no fault of Google's, just comes with the territory of using automated systems.

Here is what the ad looks like... click to see an enlarged view:


(You'll have to forgive the terrible graphic, my PhotoShop skills are aweful. :)

December 2, 2009

Search Engine Marketing Columnist


Re your graphics - you should use Snagit for this type of editing , much simpler and much better results

Thanks for the tip, Paul. Looks cool

Teehee. I love the wobbly blue circle :)

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