Several months ago, I published an article on cool tools that are also free. We all enjoy discovering free resources that genuinely merit some value, don't we?

Thanks to everyone who wrote and sent me your own cool tools. We'll keep publishing articles as long as you keep sending me your own ideas! We'll combine and categorize them into one very helpful list.

Here's Part 2 of our Cool Tools that are also Free. You'll find Part 1 here:

Cool Tools that are also Free!

Link Reputation Tool

We know the importance of link popularity (the number and quality of inbound links pointing to our Web site). Equally important is link reputation - what those inbound links say about our Web site. In other words, link reputation is what is written in the link text, or the clickable text, pointing to our Web site. With this free link reputation tool, you can learn what other sites are saying about your Web site.

Trojan Scanner

Wow. This tool really brings back “fond” memories when I had my very own Trojan horse clomping around inside my computer system. (A word of advice: please get a firewall!)

The Trojan Scanner at Information Exchange scans your system for 85 known Trojans. You'll hold your breath as it runs its scan, or at least I did. You'll also find a WhoIs Lookup, a Server Check, and other cool tools.

Quality Assurance ToolBox at the W3C Consortium

The W3C offers a suite of validators that you can use, such as a W3C markup validator, a CSS validator, an XML validator, a log validator, and some that I've never heard of!

As you know, it's important to be in compliance with W3C standards, and these tools and validators will help you to accomplish just that.

FreeWebSubmission Site Ranking Tool

Plug in your URL and your keyword phrase, and you'll quickly learn your rankings across 12 major search engines in a minute or two. Pretty slick!


Free software (freeware) galore! This is a computer addict's paradise. Enjoy!

Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive offers original dynamic scripts (DHTML) and a JavaScript code library, including calendars, mouseover images, DHTML games, scrollers, etc.

Logo Generator

Not a Web or graphics designer (like me)? This site has some cool tools just for you. Another one is a button maker.

DNS Report

Many domains have DNS problems. This handy site will help you find those problems and fix them by providing a DNS report for your domain.

Everything You Want to Know about a URL (and I DO mean EVERYTHING)

URLinfo is a “tool for handling Web pages,” and it includes 107 tools that you can use to dig for information on a URL. You'll be there for hours, so grab a sandwich and a cup of coffee and get ready! There are more nooks and crannies to this site than you can possibly imagine.

What is my IP Address?

Doesn't take much explanation on this one, does it? If you ever need to know your IP address, this neat little online tool will answer the question for you.

Free Wordtracker Magic Audio Tutorial

Sign up for John Alexander's audio tutorial offering tips for doing keyword research using Wordtracker. Two audio tips are sent out by e-mail once a week, and they're approximately 2-3 minutes in length.

These tips are worth their weight in gold as they open your creative mind to researching keywords.

Search Engine Relationship Chart

By far, the best chart to show the relationships between the search engines and directories is Bruce Clay's. He does a tremendous job of keeping it up to date, and you can even download a copy as a PDF.

Again, thanks to all of you who shared these “cool tools” with me. Be sure and send me YOUR list, and I'll add them to the next article. Thanks so much!

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June 1, 2005

Robin Nobles is the Co-Director of Training of Search Engine Workshops, where they teach "hands on" search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe. They also provide a networking community for SEOs called The World Resource Center for Search Engine Marketers and have expanded their workshops to Europe with Search Engine Workshops UK.

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