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One word says it all this week, Chrome! Will September 2, 2008 go down in history as the day Google launched not just a mere web browser but a new operating system? Sage thinks so. He foresees Google's Chrome as a complete departure from we have used and something that will one day come pre-installed on small computers, EPCs, etc.

September 3, 2008

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And one more thing! Chrome has the nicest and the most modern looking Logo! Firefox is next, and IE needs some serious rebranding soon! :)

Unless Chrome supports extensions it will go nowhere. My imacros extension alone is reason enough not to switch. Plus, Adblock etc.

But IF Chrome supports extensions in the future, it will be slower, so...

I really like Google Chrome because its very fast… but i keep my Firefox !

Plug-ins are definitely a strong asset for Firefox at this point. But I highly suspect that plug-ins will be one of many things coming to Chrome.
We shall see.

Thanks for the comments!

Wait a minute. First, Windows had "tabs" on the Taskbar, but they were actually separate windows with their own process. Then Firefox put the tabs at the top of the window instead of at the bottom, and ran them all in the same process. Now Chrome executes on the decision that they're better off as separate processes. So we're back to Windows, only instead of tabs on the taskbar, they're at the top. Why not just move the taskbar to the top of the screen if you want them up there. Same thing.

Interesting perspective Ben.

I think the departure here is that Chrome is customized to run heavy JavaScript-type applications in a browser.

In fact, just today I was running my CRM system, Sugar, through Chrome and it was the fastest I had ever seen it run. Truly amazing.

"Software as a service" is making a comeback and Chrome is here to facilitate that. Windows is still focused on installed software.

A little over a month later and Chrome is in the tank. Negative feedback, falling usage, Google backing off promotion. It's hardly an operating system, let alone a serious contender in the web browser arena. One may speculate Google could become a player in browsers, but it's pure folly to claim operating system. Frankly, Google will be the first to tell you the same.

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