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September 2, 2010

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I think keywords in domain names are good to have, however one should go completely out of his/her way to buy a domain name with the right keyword(s). A good website is where the real $$$$ should be spent. My recommendation is to find a web design firm that is associated with an experienced SEO/SEM firm.

Sorry to be antagonistic, Sage, but you didn't really answer the question that you posed. You threw in the "it might give you a little bit of an edge", but that was it.

Do keywords in your domain matter? I think the answer is a fairly certain yes. SEOmoz ran a great study on this a few months ago, and while it does not prove it without a doubt, there is very compelling correlation between keyword domains and rankings.

Should a business build their website on a keyword rich domain versus a branded domain? That can only be answered on an individual basis. It depends on their long term strategy.

With the right SEO work, content development, and link building a non-keyword rich domain can rank well. It just is not as easy as one with keywords in it.

You have some good points. Your name doesn't add a ton of value, but I think that it helps in a number of ways.

First and foremost, I think that it adds a bit of credibility for people that my want to click on your link if you have the topic in your name. For example, my domain, eterm lifei nsurance .net should help a bit for those looking for term life insurance more than the same site called mikerowan .com selling the same thing.

After all, even if you get a high ranking, you still have to prompt the person to click on your listing, which means that your meta title and description mean quite a bit, even if they do not actually contribute directly to the ranking itself.

Very poorly said... Keywords in domain DO matter and really depend on the competition of the keyword.

If it's 0 level (assume) competition keyword, domain's advantage can be 9 points (not 10) if its 10 level competition keyword, domain value can't be 0, but will be around 2 to 4, and definitely will give you big advantages especially when starting the business.


Aw, would have love it more if it was posted in text than in a video. We have this firewall at work that filters out streams from video hosting websites like youtube. No, the admin would not give any of us access. :(

Since Mayday I have noticed good sites that had been top for over a year drop from 1st to 5th or 8th, and replaced by keyword rich domain names; and whilst these new sites are not spammy they do not have the age or linkage background that the original site(s) had.
This isn't a 'Sour Grapes' statement as my site has stayed about the same for this area of business, just an observation.

It sounds like it helps but it is not a deal-breaker. In fact, if you have one key word in the domain (instead of more than one)...good content over time will trump everything else.

I would tend to disagree. Keywords in a domain will provide you with a huge ranking advantage. I have several sites with an exact match domain and I out rank compeitors with more quality links, a older domain, higher PR, and better content.

Domain names are not the quick fix but can't hurt. Good vids !!

Keywords in the domain are not the ultimate SEO magic trick, that's pretty clear. But they do carry quite a bit of value, especially when branding comes into the equation.

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