Why do people do these things? Shutting down all of GeoCities. Really? What did poor little GeoCities ever do to you?
October 28, 2009

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just a quick production comment - a low pass filter will get rid of those rumbles every time you set your arms down. Also a pop screen would help

geocities seemed to be mostly spam to me?

*I know this is most likely the most worthless quibbling point..but it was Obi-wan Kenobi who "felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a great multitude cried out and then was silenced."

On the other hand, I think the internet is better off with fewer Spinning .Gif files on it..

First) Planet was Alderaan.

Second) It was Obi-Wan that felt the disturbance in the Force when Alderaan was destroyed, not Yoda.

Geek Fail... Sage.

Third) Yahoo gave the GeoCities site owners about a year to move their content to other hosting. If they didn't, fail on the owners not Yahoo.

Fourth) GeoCities websites are antiquated, crappy looking, and in this day and age... non relevant. It will actually remove a bunch of crap from the internet we no longer need, with truely relevant content.

Fifth) I do know of some sites that have taken it upon themselves to back up content from GeoCities websites that they felt were important to their community.

Personally I am glad to see GeoCities go, as someone that has been on the web since it's inception, I felt GeoCities sites were the ghetto of the web, and good riddance.

"Ghetto of the web."

LOL! God---- that's priceless.

Well, the news about the closure was long overdue. But of course, being a website
in nineties, Geocities will always be remembered. Those animated gif's and MIDI's
file format.

That is interesting news. I hosted my first webpage on GeoCities in 2001. Now, I do admit I stopped using GeoCities because of the crappy ads and the lousy layout, but it just surprises me to know that GeoCities is no more.

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