Will anyone be able to stop the Google machine? They just continue to expand market share, as reported here.
May 15, 2009

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Hey Sage,
The reach of Google is pretty fascinating, and it further makes me wonder why more Small Businesses are not more concerned with their Google Ranking. In today's business environment if you can't figure out how to get on page one in a Google Search, you are in trouble.

Fascinating is the word. It seems really rare that a product, with such serious competition, can continue to dominate so aggressively.

Thanks for writing,

I wonder the same thing that Eric does. Is it that small business owners do not take charge of their Websites? I read recently that you must either do SEO for your site or you must farm it out. I think too many do not know what SEO means, ignore it, or assume their Web developer is doing it for them. How wrong they are!

Hi Eveyone,

If Google continues re-innovate itself offering new and useful tools, it will continue to dominate the market. It is a great success story. It is important to consider that everything from technology and products we are using is ageing very fast. No one can dominate the market without re-innovation and launching new products and services including Google.

Thanks for sharing this Sage,

I don't doubt that, Google traffic is normally much higher than any other of my sites. My merrell shoes site gets so much more traffic from Google than Yahoo or MSN!

thats no suprise in the Uk its at 90%

google.com is l;arger thna msn.co.uk and yahho.co.uk combined as the 2nd largest search engine.

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