Have you seen Google Instant? It's the latest development from Google. I can't take the hilarity of it all.
September 14, 2010

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I have to say, you prompted me to search for "why can't I own a Canadian"! Wow. In all seriousness, it seems as though Google keeps playing around with these cheesy interactive updates, all the while not doing a darn thing to improve their search results. Personally, I would just like to use Google without being hounded with shopping ads (Amazon), videos and images that I really have no interest in when I am searching for information. I would also really love to see relevant and up to date information rather than whatever Google deems as the most important information about a subject matter.

Wait - you can't you own a Canadian? Thanks Google! I would have looked like a fool had I gone across the border loonies and toonies in hand hoping to get a great deal on a Canuck!

All joking aside I am not thrilled with Google Instant. It distracts me and annoys me more than helps me. Google Instant belongs in Google Labs as a fun toy to bring out now and then. It should not be the de facto way to search the site!

Just my two cents.

Google Instant is the worst user experience I've had in a long time. My eyes can't keep up!!!

PS. I don't understand it either.

..hi,. just a some words about search engines, that there is acute need for them to use filters- between europe and usa for example. Example simple:- why I need to see those all companys from usa...- a millions- it,s nothing to do with Europe solutions, means business solutions, business loans, e.t.c. .. why we ned to do this empty work again..again to start selecting, what we really need,.. but most of that is crab, to be ownest. no actually possible find a real info we need. true.

I have also tried searching using the same words satring with "why" and I also have the same results "why can't i own a canadian"

This really cracked me up!

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