So I've been playing around with Google Wave. I'm not sure about the whole hoopla. Here's my take.
December 3, 2009

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Isn't Wave just a web-based version of MS Netmeeting circa 1997, with playback?

Hard to see the revolutionary aspect of this. Adoption in the end will be very, very slim.

Hi Sage,

Good video as usual. I haven't tried Google Wave yet. I heard from my friends its not as good application as ppl expect. You and your friends need to stay online to use wave. I think google will add new apps to wave as time goes.

Btw, Can you send me an invitation for wave? my email id is :

Sage - I don't get Google Wave either. For now, I think it's mainly for uber geeks who collaborate.

It's rough but I can really see some cool uses for Wave. Your point about inviting friends to come participate in a wave and no one doing anything was the moment I "got" Wave.

Waves aren't like Facebook where everyone can post whatever, the wave needs a purpose.

Your family trip idea is perfect example of a purpose. You could post maps on locations, to-do lists for the trip, have a calendar for arrivals/departures, pictures etc. Everyone involved in a wave with a purpose would be much more interested and it would simplify sharing information.

So, you inadvertently just made me a fan of Wave. :-)

Google Wave is supposed to replace traditional email systems and improve them by using more interactive, live, on-the-fly methods to deliver information. Traditional emails work on a basis of typing a message, potentially styling the message, and hitting "send" and off it goes to the recipient. Traditional instant messaging systems work by typing a message, hitting enter and automatically sending to the recipient for instant delivery.

Hi sage
how can I join google wave ???

I confess I didn't watch the Sage's video.Sorry, maybe later.

For what it's (still) worth, my take on Wave is that while the effectiveness of traditional email degrades the more people to send to, Wave is built around the idea of true sharing and collaboration. It power grows as more people get involved.

If you're just exchanging simple emails then I agree it probably looks unnecessary. On the other hand, if you have a purpose and that purpose either has multiple vectors in terms of ideas/steps and/or multiple vectors in terms of participants/contributors then Wave is built for that type of collaboration. Email is a walkie talkie (at best). Wave is a closer to a virtual conference room.

Big big difference for people who are always collaborating across multiple projects. I'm expecting to like Wave even more as I get more people invited.

I got invited by a friend regarding Google Wave....I am still trying some new stuffs inside Wave....

Maybe I could ride the wave!!!

A sort of facebook come email, instant messenger - sounds awesome

i just receive the invite, i will try..

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