Hulu is taking the TV world by storm. They have carved out a large chunk of online video ads and they are getting a higher cost per thousand viewers than regular TV.
July 14, 2009

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The one thing I HATE about watching TV online is that the ads are all the same. I hate watching an hour long tv show and having to see the same exact ad 5 times. Give me some variety, I don't mind watching ads. But seeing the same ones over and over normally makes me turn on "AdBlock pro" which most of the time with some tweaking will skip the ads.

What's Hulu? Slow news day huh.

I love Hulu!

I can set my queue to capture the shows I want to watch and then view them at my leisure. I work too much to watch most programs on their original air date, but allows me to watch them later, and its FREE.

never heard of hulu before...

It's very interesting to me that several people have not heard of Hulu.

It is true that Hulu still has a small market share of videos watched. 380 million (2.6 percent) in March of 2009. You can read more about that here:

But Hulu Owns 10 Percent Of The Online Video Ad Market Share as can be seen here:

Hulu is significant because you can get full length network programs for free.

You want to watch this space because it could definitely change how you watch tv in the near future.

Hulu is good but MS will soon release Binglu!

I love Hulu!

My kids have taken over my television and Lord knows I don't want to spend four hours a day watching Spongebob and Wonder Pets.

Online TV is just getting better and better. Hulu is a sign of that. I don't know online TV will replace conventional TV, but it will certainly carve out a home of its own.

It is the future and it ain't goin' nowhere.

How can it take the "world" by storm if it's only watchable in the states?

@ g man, too funny. :-) I can't watch Hulu in Denmark, so I hear you.

I think the future of TV is more social... like Hulu with the ability to share comments like on I also think the future of TV is a more searchable system, kind of like where you can search through what is said on TV.

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