Do you have a dream. Are you like Bob and would be willing to do ANYTHING? Let's look at what that "anything" looks like. This is the "anything" that I was willing to do to make my dream come true.
September 21, 2009

Video blogger Sage Lewis keeps you up to date with what's hot in the world of search marketing and social media.

Sage is the founder and President of The Digital Marketing Agency, SageRock Inc.

SageRock was founded in 1999 to help clients engage customers across an ever expanding interactive marketplace. This is accomplished through multiple channels such as search, social media, and vertical targeting; emerging digital opportunities such as mobile and rich media; behavioral targeting thorough email and dynamic engagement; and refinement of all initiatives through understanding usability and metrics.

By using a nationally experienced, independent marketing agency focused only on digital deployment, SageRock's clients are able to navigate easily through this industry, take a holistic approach, leverage the right tools, and experience seamless implementation.

SageRock Inc. - The Digital Marketing Agency


Sage - Great video. How many times do I hear this everyday? I would do anything? As a serial entrepreneur, I have risked it all a few times. My current company, is my favorite of all time. And I always say that it is my last job. I will never retire, either. I have old crappy cars. My newest car is 10 years old. I also have an old pickup truck that is 16 years old. I keep a few because they are always breaking.

My current company is small, can be virtual, and can react immediately to any industry or technology change. I am helping clients immensely now in terms of search and marketing in general. I am on the wire without a safety net below. At times is is very scary, Most of the time it is a thrill of a lifetime.

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