Do Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a Shoe Circus store make for a good viral campaign or just a really bad commercial? YouTube wants you to decide. Meanwhile, CNBC and LinkedIn are partnering to report each other's information, and JP Morgan analysts are reporting that search advertising will suffer in the economic downturn, just not as much as traditional media and display ads. Search Engine Watch announces AOL's PlatformA as having an iPhone ad optimization solution, and Google can now boast about it's new face recognition "name tag" feature for Picassa.

September 9, 2008

Video blogger Sage Lewis keeps you up to date with what's hot in the world of search marketing and social media.

Sage is the founder and President of The Digital Marketing Agency, SageRock Inc.

SageRock was founded in 1999 to help clients engage customers across an ever expanding interactive marketplace. This is accomplished through multiple channels such as search, social media, and vertical targeting; emerging digital opportunities such as mobile and rich media; behavioral targeting thorough email and dynamic engagement; and refinement of all initiatives through understanding usability and metrics.

By using a nationally experienced, independent marketing agency focused only on digital deployment, SageRock's clients are able to navigate easily through this industry, take a holistic approach, leverage the right tools, and experience seamless implementation.

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People talk about tagging strategies in the blogosphere all the time. I've adopted the name droping taging strategy. Whenever I write about a company or idea, I try and associate a person or company to that thought. I tag that persons name or company because that is what people search for most. People want to know about people so that's what I use....

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