Google is now looking at IP addresses of searchers and putting in local results even if you didn't put in a geographic modifier.
April 16, 2009

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I noticed this the past week! Those Local results used to always appear at the top of the page, but not on EVERY search. Now they are popping up right in the middle that's crazy! I need to get listed locally as well. Thanks for the video demo!


that sucks, i sure don't want google keeping record of the IPs i use.

All very well putting in local results but our shop IP address with BT is Rotherham or Lydney, depending on which one logs in and we are based in Northampton - so how far will they spread the net of being "local"?

This is a good advertising for businesses and will definitely cause more businesses to want to advertise on the internet. It's a good strategy.

I actually found an individual that has successfully hacked the Google Local search results...if you enter "lock smith" for any big market he has taken existing a restaurant and has added to the first result in any Google Local result.

I'm not sure how he's done that and me and a potential client have been scratching are heads wondering how he has done it but I would bery interested in finding out how this can be done or properly reported to anybody at google that gives a damn.

Hi Everyone,

Local search results has two consequences in my opinion:
- It will help and develop the local search capabilities and encourage local businesses start taking part of the advertising and optimization.

- Attract non-local businesses to advertise in order to compete with local business in order to ensure they have high visibility in local search.

However in the beginning it looks like it will benefit the local business and give to visitors the most relevant results which is positive but also it will track the visitors searching and purchasing behaviours in order to give relevant results at the same time. Tracking IPs and using them in the upcoming marketing campaigns or selling them to the third party may occur in the future which may have negative consequences. I am sure Google had thought about that.

We will wait and see.

All the best,

Velit Dundar

Hi all,

Great comments.

I've experienced that lock smith example before. There was actually a lock smith in a class I taught once that was fighting this situation.l

This all does indeed push the importance of local search to a new level. You'll want to pay more attention to these results as they will undoubtedly be effecting your bottom line.

Google is very very smart, it can get all information through IP

I noticed the same thing (the locksmith issue) when searching for "delaware painter". does anyone have any idea how you get multiple listings in google local?

It's messed up really. While I agree that showing results for businesses based on IP address makes sense, Google should only allow 1 listing to be added.

Also, other factors should play into how high you rank in local results. Google local is really another search result on top of the organic results. It can truly be a pain in the ass for SEO.

If that's so, getting link from the same site to many different sites to gain link popularity will be though then. Google will notice that the link will go to the same hosting IP. So its better to have more than one hosting or IPs.

Google has been recording IP information for years. So, if you are trying to building links through all your own properties (something I'm not a big fan of) then yup, you want to consider getting different hosting and register sites under different names at the registrar.

I wouldn't say this makes it "easier" necessarily. It's different. It takes different skills and awarenesses.

There's a new Local Business Center User Guide put out by Google here:

Thanks everybody!

So, this may (may!) be good news for businesses, provided they actually operate locally. It may be (probably is) bad news for businesses when they do not operate locally at all.

What about searchers? When you're searching for information and add a "local" qualifier, you obviously want, and expect, "local" results. But how do you *specify* "not local"? What if you really DO NOT want local results?

For me as a business owner (who doesn't operate locally but could use local customers) it's something I could make use of - maybe. For me as a researcher, it's yet another reason why I don't use Google for searching at all - I've been using Yahoo! for a long time now, because it gives *me* more and more relevant results. I sincerely hope Yahoo will not start to imitate Google on this!

That's exactly right Marjolein. Businesses that sell based on local phrases but don't have a local presence are a big problem. You can buy ads for the maps. But that won't help you with this.

It will be interesting to see what Google comes up with to help this issue.

Thanks for your comments!

Had absolutely no idea that Google were localising results like this! God knows what further changes have been made since they have started throwing out Google cafeine.:D

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