Here is the transcript of Sage's video this week:

It's Googley Goodness time once again.

Gmail Updates

Gmail, Google's handy email program, has updated it's storage capacity to 4 gigabytes. Not quite as good as Yahoo who provides unlimited, but it's certainly an improvement. Gmail used to be at 2 gigabytes but now at 4 who knows what we can jam into our Gmail accounts.

Webmaster Central Updates

If you don't know what Google Webmaster Central is you owe it to yourself to get an account. It provides all type of valuable information about your website. It's awesome!

Webmaster Central now shows the Site Links Google is using for your site. Site Links are the additional links that are included with a site in the search results. For example, under the main URL listed you may find extra URLs such as the About Us, or Contact Us, or Store Location URLs listed.

We are starting to see up to 8 different site links included with listings. That gives the visitors more options to easily visit specific sections of your site from the results.

It doesn't end there. Webmaster Central provides top search queries for the last 6 months and now you can even compare what the numbers are today compared with 6 months ago. And if that isn't good enough, you can download the information into a CSV file and play around with it in your Excel spreadsheets to you heart's content.

Google AdSense Updates

Revenue soared at Google by over 57% for the third quarter! Can they make any more money? I don't know but I'd celebrate over at Google by pushing out more innovative, cool things.

We found in the 3rd quarter reports that AdSense publishers may be getting up to 77% of the money paid out by advertisers per click. Whaaaaaa, they are so generous! Oh Google they never end with the greatness. Oh my, I want to sing a song.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft launches voice search and Live mobile. It's for your phone! Do you have a cell phone? I bet you do. Check it out, it is handy. It is the search engine answer to 411 and it's free. Just type 1-800-CALL-411 into your phone. That's 1-800-225-5411 if you prefer the numbers. They have a bevy of interesting information you can get on your phone. They also have apps you can download for your Windows mobile device or Blackberry that makes it even easier. I like it a lot, I've been checking it out, I think I'm going to be using it.

Social Media Updates

Do you watch TV? I do. Maybe you watch a show called The Office. Well, NBC and The Office in particular are getting heavy in the social media space. is a social media place. You can go online and vote on what you think people should be doing on the show and get involved in the show. It's a lot of fun. Social media just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and bigger and bigger brands are incorporating it. I think this is a fun little thing and if you are a dedicated The Office Fan, you may want to check it out.

October 31, 2007

Video blogger Sage Lewis keeps you up to date with what's hot in the world of search marketing and social media.

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