This week, Sage addresses Shoemoney's article "SEO Has No Future," in which Shoemoney talks about Google-influenced search results and the pervasive problem of web spam in the industry. Sage proposes that the article is possibly nothing more than a link baiting ploy and that the industry maintain focus on optimizing the visitor's experience.

Google looks to increase visitor experiences by including landing page loading time as a quality score factor in Google AdWords by mid-June, and they are in preview release stages of a new, comprehensive, sophisticated, integrated social media tool called Google Friends Connect.

May 14, 2008

Video blogger Sage Lewis keeps you up to date with what's hot in the world of search marketing and social media.

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What's wrong with some linkbait?

Google dominates as they keep offering free services that people and companies actually use.

Will Google be able to maintain their lead most probably for a few years or until someone comes out with something so revolutionary that.......

Google blends together tools for advertizers with tracking of adverts some really useful stuff.

Everyday there are more people using the net and of course new communities will founded for new interests and sometimes like organizations online communities and create new ones. So there still is room for net domination by others!

SEO has no future if Google let all the spammers conceive their dirty games.

Hi Sage,
hope you do well with your Ohio Company, you just got a backlink from Shoemoney :)

You are saying what shoemoney has said for ages. Content is king, that makes the visitor want to come back. How is that SEO?

This all could be semantics. However, rhetoric like "SEO Has No Future" does not help the overall good of the web marketing industry.

We can all agree to fight against spam and content made to intentionally manipulate the search engines - except for the kinds of things Matt Cutts writes about when he says: “Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines” in this post:

But saying that SEO has no future is confusing and continuing the delay of getting web marketing accepted into the mainstream marketing offices.

I'm confused already, SEO and SEM are two totally different disciplines. As I have understood it, SEO is using optimized pages, and IBL's (in part) to raise a site in the SERPS, where as SEM, is paying for the traffic, regardless of where you appear in the SERPS.

I wish people that promoted SEM would put it in simple terms that "hey, if you want visitors, pay for it".

The terminology in our industry is definitely confusing, youfoundjake.

It is similar to industries like the financial industry, in that regard.

I have heard people refer to SEM as the umbrella term for both organic and paid search. And I have heard people use it when referring to just paid.

If you aren't sure what a person is saying when they throw a term around just ask.

They might look at you like you are dumb for not knowing. But in reality, they are the dumb one for not being clear.

the problem with seo is that it can get really frustrating. you optimize and you wait and wait..... but thats how life works :)

I hope this definition clears things up for youfoundjake.
It is the definition of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom):
" Promoting a company’s website using internet search engines. Either getting a company website listed in search results (unpaid) or as a listing on the same webpage as the search results (paid)."
By search results (unpaid) they mean SEO & search results paid they mean paid placements like Pay Per Click (PPC), etc.

I think based on that definition, one can safely conclude that SEM is an umbrella term for SEO, PPC, etc.

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