The AP is now charging anyone who uses 5 of their precious words. The Associated Press has gone insane. I think that happens right before death.
August 6, 2009

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I can just see it now: a room full of gnomes hunched over their computers, searching the net (using Google?) for phrases used from AP stories. Do they get paid a percentage of what AP receives for strong-arming the miscreants that had the bald audacity to use words from the English language that AP also used?

Does the AP now own all of the words in the dictionary now?

Will the High Court, with Sodomayor seated on in one of the thrones, give them exclusive rights to the English language?

We await the outcome with anticipation.

Oh, BTW Sage, you're in BIG trouble when they find out you quoted them (LOL).

Hey Sage, great vid. I absolutely agree with you. The music and print industries need to upgrade to a new way of thinking and to get rid of this idea of trying to bend the internet to the old model they have been running on.

I think that by getting heavy handed like this they are actually missing out on the most important sort of marketing they could ever have ENDORSEMENT OR INTEREST BY WORD OF MOUTH. This is particularly true in the music industry where fans of musicians spread interest by creating remixes of songs or share information about bands from an exclusively “fan” point of view. They don't do it to infringe copyright – they do it because they are excited about the music they like. That enthusiasm they share with others is a form of advertising you cannot pay to create no matter how much money you have. The power of this sort of “free advertising” shouldn't be underestimated by Record Companies because they are not able to communicate with fans with that same sort of energy or the vibe of being “in the know” about something. The fans are essentially sending the message out there “I think this is cool. Check it out”. People want to feel like they can relate to their peers. The internet gives music fans a chance to find and relate to each other and further generate loyalty to a brand and they do that. It's a very powerful tool marketing people should be capitalizing on. This applies to print mediums as well.

So what's the deal with AP? Are they blind? If you quote them in your own article you are doing the same kind of word of mouth endorsement I am talking about. It generates interest and tells people to check something out. I love quoting people in my blogs because I also put a link to the bigger article in the hope that that will generate more readers for the person I am quoting. Why should anyone be ungrateful for this sort of free advertising? (Obviously simply quoting someone as if it was your own statement would be wrong.) I know that quoting works for generating interest because when other people quote me I get more visits to my blog and Twitter. Also this kind of thing creates a community feeling which you don't get from traditional marketing so easily. It plays right into the hands of the phenomenon of humans as social creatures.

Needless to say I will not be quoting any AP stuff! They have shot themselves in the foot. I would be more likely to write about what asses they are now instead! And I will put a link to your video because it rocks! (And I am sure you will not charge me $12.50 per 5 words for sharing my audience!)

See AP decided that they were done with the slow death...they wanted to speed things up, and slit their digital wrists...vertically, not horizontally...with a rusty piece of sewer pipe...

Good riddance, the quicker these dinosaurs get buried, the sooner they can fossilize and we can put them in the museums where they belong.

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