It's been announced that Google is coming out with a new operating system: Google Chrome OS. This is great news for the consumer. The more competition the better. But will it truly be a major competitor to Microsoft?
July 13, 2009

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I have a strong feeling that this announcement has a lot to do with the fact that Bing has been getting so much attention in recent weeks. It should be a good match. Two of the most powerful companies in the world going head to head is just fun to watch.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens when Chrome OS goes live and Microsoft's reaction. I think this will be a good step for Google and hopefully it will prove to be popular.

There were a lot of buzzes in the market place when Google launched the Chrome browser. May internet users claimed that it will replace internet explorer and firefox. It was written in thousands of blogs across the web. But a couple months after the launch what we saw and still seeing is Google Chrome browser cannot compete with other browsers at all. It has lots of bugs and need more time to develop it. Coming back to the OS however the product is different, I do not think it will have a very big impact on Microsoft market domination in the short term. We all getting very excited about any launch by Google. However it is very early to say anything, there is a high possibility Google OS may steal some of the Microsoft's market share due to being free. Especially in this tough market condition people are more likely to react to the budget and free offers. Google guys are very clever about the launch especially in the same time of Microsoft new OS launching. Of course it is not a coincidence, it is timely and very well planned. Very interesting and exciting to see what will happen.

Am I alone with my thoughts that Google is getting a bit frightening with what they already control and what they're planning to control? Analytics, GMail, browser, OS ... all containing private information ... this is getting scary :-(

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