Sage goes all gaga over one particular scene in the Matrix. He then goes on to use that scene as a metaphor for life: Get out of the day to day grind. Rise above it.

February 25, 2009

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Sage, you talk about some great stuff. I've never seen that movie but you make a great point. I think we all have a movie that makes that point to us. Mine is the scene in Apollo 13 where the guys back at control have to get out only the items that would be available on Apollo 13 and construct a solution for how to save it without resorting to any other technology they have available to them on earth. That is an inspiring scene about rising above it.

OK, I have to go figure out why my php script won't talk to MySQL now so I'll go think about that scene rather than chewing my fingernails off!

I love that Apollo 13 scene too!!

Getting inspiration from movies is always a nice added bonus to movie watching.

Take care and thanks for watching.

awesome post! love the video

Well, my favourite movie scene is the Halle Berry fu(c)kscene in Monsters Ball. And I´d say its even much deeper than this one :-)

Thanks all.
That Halle Berry scene is pretty amazing. No doubt about it.

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