I love this article written by Stoney deGeyter on multiple levels. There is much to be learned with this article starting with how it grabbed my attention. Here is a little background; I have RSS feeds for a bunch of blogs. Naturally, the first thing I do is look at the titles of the entries. If a title grabs my attention I'll have a quick look at the article summary. If the summary pulls me in I'll click through to the full article. Stoney's title put a smile on my face and his title did it's job. It got me to read on.

Now, the message of the article is powerful as well. Stoney delivers his point that content is communication while community is conversation. Conversation is the key. If we aren't listening to our customers and conversing with them, someone else will. As marketers, we must engage our customers and converse with them.

Great job Stoney on producing the Story of the Week!

November 8, 2007

Video blogger Sage Lewis keeps you up to date with what's hot in the world of search marketing and social media.

Sage is the founder and President of The Digital Marketing Agency, SageRock Inc.

SageRock was founded in 1999 to help clients engage customers across an ever expanding interactive marketplace. This is accomplished through multiple channels such as search, social media, and vertical targeting; emerging digital opportunities such as mobile and rich media; behavioral targeting thorough email and dynamic engagement; and refinement of all initiatives through understanding usability and metrics.

By using a nationally experienced, independent marketing agency focused only on digital deployment, SageRock's clients are able to navigate easily through this industry, take a holistic approach, leverage the right tools, and experience seamless implementation.

SageRock Inc. - The Digital Marketing Agency

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