Radiohead Moves Should Open Your Eyes to Possible Changes in Other Industries

Radiohead is taking an interesting approach to music distribution by allowing fans to download their music directly from their website. Fans are allowed to pay what they want to pay for the music. It's been reported that they were receiving about $10 on average per CD. Comscore said that about 62% of the downloaders don't pay but Radiohead countered saying Comscore numbers were wrong.

The bottom line is the music industry is changing and Radiohead is making interesting moves and we should look for more of this type of thing. CD sales are down this year 20% from last year and that is likely a trend we'll continue to see for some time.

Are you paying attention to technologies that may turn your industry on it's head?

Verizon Debuts Web 2.0 Marketing Campaign

Verizon has this cool, new, super-fast Internet service and they are using social marketing to spread the word. They are sending out a team of technicians to the homes of new customers where they've turned the installation into a party. They capture the event on video, take pictures, give away goodies like big screen TVs, the whole big deal. Then they put all of this out on the site where everyone can watch the whole event.

Additionally they are really utilizing all the available social network opportunities they can find by putting photos on flickr, bookmarking on delicious, the concept is on Facebook, the videos are on YouTube. They really get this web2.0 marketing.

Hey Verizon, Sage loves technology and loves parties! :-)

Google Heads Open Source Initiative for Phones

Don't get us wrong, they are not making phones themselves but they are going to be offering software for partners. The idea is these are going to be really web-centric phones utilizing lots of Google services like Google Maps, Google 411, Gmail, pictures and other services.

AOL Acquires Quigo for $300 Million

Quigo provides an ad serving platform where they put pay per click ads on a bunch of different websites like newspapers and that sort of thing.

AOL really is going head first into the ad buying environment and this Quigo acquisition could prove interesting.

Google at Your Gas Pump

Don't get enough Internet? Well, start looking for it at a gas pump near you. Local Search from Google will soon be popping up at gas pump kiosks providing directions and information about local businesses. Find restaurants, mechanics, local hardware stores, or whatever you need while waiting for your gas tank to fill up.

This is just another way local search is getting integrated into our lives and making it easier for consumers to get information on the go.

Is your business prepared to take advantage of this technology and grab new customers?

Tapping Into Social Networks

MySpace expanded its hyper targeting platform and Facebook added an ad system. So now, as an advertiser, you have new ways to get your message to the consumer. As a web marketer you need to consider the new opportunities popping up.

November 12, 2007

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