Jennifer Laycock's blog post, "Twitter CAN be Useful! Who Knew?", reminds us that in today's business world you need to be open to new ideas and new iterations of ideas. What may seem a waste of time at first glance may hold promising potential as a business application.

November 6, 2007

Video blogger Sage Lewis keeps you up to date with what's hot in the world of search marketing and social media.

Sage is the founder and President of The Digital Marketing Agency, SageRock Inc.

SageRock was founded in 1999 to help clients engage customers across an ever expanding interactive marketplace. This is accomplished through multiple channels such as search, social media, and vertical targeting; emerging digital opportunities such as mobile and rich media; behavioral targeting thorough email and dynamic engagement; and refinement of all initiatives through understanding usability and metrics.

By using a nationally experienced, independent marketing agency focused only on digital deployment, SageRock's clients are able to navigate easily through this industry, take a holistic approach, leverage the right tools, and experience seamless implementation.

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There's far more users for Twitter than most people even realize. You should subscribe to me even though you're popular yourself. I'll be revealing more shortly and here are my two articles on it. I'd appreciate you announcing them; they give a much deeper insight into data mining Twitter than is published here so far.

Here they are..
A Quick Jaunt Into Data Mining on Twitter


Further Exploitation via Data Mining on Twitter

Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned. I'm conducting an experiment, as well.

Best regards,

Hi Sage, I'm on Twitter and I just found you and signed up to follow! Couldn't find Jennifer to do the same, though.

I was a naysayer too, but now I truly enjoy the networking that I do every day on Twitter (even though it does have a dumb name.)

Social media thought leader Chris Brogan suggests that you answer the question, "What are you thinking about now?" on Twitter, which makes for some pretty interesting stuff if you're following interesting people.

Come join us!


It seems everyone and their mother has a mobile phone they use quite frequently. From my experience, I know that Twitter can be pretty helpful with keeping in touch with people.

According to the Twitter blog, a university professor was quoted to say that he uses Twitter to communicate with his students.

I wish my professors were that cool.

Joe Lagrav
Technology Transfer Services

mmmmm i think Twiter can be more usefull in schools and spreading education. Joe has quoted about the University example , Can you tell me about that perticuler University. So ican see how they use that technology.

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