In the news this week, BuzzLogic reports that blogging is in fact NOT dead. After conducting a study with Jupiter Research, they found 50% of blog readers say blogs influence their purchasing decisions. Another study, done by Microsoft, "Reveals the Online and Digital Behavior of Women," showing that 86% of women pass along interesting finds to others and 85% say email is the most important tool. Sage also highlights a post by Mike Bloomenthal about how easy it is to have your local business listing in Google hijacked; he strongly encourages everyone to immediately go claim their local business center listing.

November 3, 2008

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i don't know from where that rumor started, but because individual runs blogs it will never go , maybe new way of blogging maybe!

When people 1st started talking about bogging being dead, I knew they were way off. Blogging is a great way to get person with people and will not be going anywhere any time soon.

I agree with all of you. These stories about a particular segment of the industry dying are almost always overhyped. They just sell ads.

Things may morph and evolve. But there is rarely an extinction.

Thanks for watching and writing!


I think it seems like it is because of all the clutter getting in the way of the really good blogs. Blogging is relatively new and it will take time for everyone to find out if its right for them.

Blogging is so inherently a personal thing that it cannot die unless people stop wanting to express themselves. Microblogging isn't a really great alternative because the best posts are long posts. I think the only threat to blogging is that newer bloggers will continue to find it harder to gain an audience. In that case, I think we'll see blogging slow down.

Wired should have talked with you all before they went off declaring blogging dead. You all have a much more clear-headed view of the reality on the ground.

Excellent comments!

Bloggin aint dead?! :)

Many bloggers and internet marketers forget that many women are online these days. It's no longer 1995 with only geeks and college students online. :)

I just found this site via Altavista. So my piece of advice to everyone is that Google doesn't have a total monopoly. :)

I have a blog about Windows tweaks, tips and hacks and an upcoming anime blog. Checkout the first at

Take it easy, and post a new vid. It's been awhile! :)

Very cool site I am bookmarking this one

All this "blogging is dead stuff" is complete hogwash! I hear it every year while blogs continue to be the means of information for most folks. I mean just look at the effect of them on the presidential election. They were really setting the tone. So I would definitely agree with you.

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