Microsoft and Yahoo are partnering to take on the master... Google. This is the beginning of the end for Yahoo. But it's good news for searchers and ultimately might be just what Yahoo and Microsoft need to get into the search engine game.
July 29, 2009

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I can't see how Microsoft and Yahoo can beat Google in this endless search engine game.

"Good news for searchers"? Sorry, Sage. That dog won't hunt.

Searchers will lose out because now they'll have one choice less than before in terms of finding Web content.

Advertisers will lose out because Microhoo is hoping to drive up the cost of acquisition (more advertisers equals more bidding equals higher costs of acquisition equals greater profit for Microhoo).

Boo, I'm an anti-Microsoft guy and I think this spells the end for Yahoo. I prefer Google anyways so I guess its not the end of the world.


Too little to late Google is to far ahead of these companies and they are chasing them

Its a must for me to to use Google instead of any SE. But with the partnership of the two leading (Microsoft and Yahoo) this would make searching a lot exciting.

I don't think Google could ever be beaten because of its popularity all over the world and I prefer Google because it has good search features. This could potentially be a bad idea for Microsoft but only time will tell.

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