Submit your site to 1000 search engines! Build traffic to your site fast and easy- just $29.95 a month! Get millions of visitors a day!

If you've read these claims before and ever wondered what you might be missing by not submitting to thousands of engines daily, I'm here to tell you exactly what you are not missing: your money and lots of e-mail spam.

These services are completely worthless. And yet they are pushed and pushed hard by huge domain registrars, web hosts, web designers and many other credible web professionals, not to mention the spam mails you get for these services daily. Let's walk through the concept behind submitting so you can understand what I mean when I say they are a waste of time, money, and bandwidth.

1) There are not thousands of search engines. Who do you use to search? That's what most other people use as well. There are at most maybe 7 search engines with reasonably large indexes, and only 3 that anyone actually uses for searching in significant numbers.

2) Google, Yahoo, and MSN will find your site by crawling links from other sites. If you don't have at least 1 link from one other page already in the index, you won't rank well for anything, even if the submission does alert the engines that the page exists.

3) Submitting does not get your page in the index or updated any faster. If it makes you feel better to submit, then do it- it won't hurt anything. But automatically submitting monthly, weekly, or daily doesn't help.

4) Your e-mail spam will quadruple. I have tested this with unique emails and submission services- many "submission services" are merely fronts for email list marketers. You are actually paying them to sell your email address.

5) The "1000's of search engines" are often FFA pages on spam sites. (Free-for-All pages). You really don't want your site listed on these sites- it's highly doubtful it will drive useful traffic (if any) or improve your link popularity. They are often feeding grounds for email harvesting bots.

6) If your site is already in the major indexes, submitting it again doesn't help anything. Once your page is indexed, it really doesn't need to be indexed again unless you significantly change the content. Good internal linking should be enough to make sure new and updated pages are found and updated.

Submitting Services Prey on the Unknown

To many business owners with new sites, the claims of submission services sound like a reasonable answer to their web marketing needs. For much less than full SEO services, they get the "comfort" of knowing they are actively promoting their site. Many fall into the too-good-to-be-true trap, simply because they don't have time to do much research.

Often, they will gain some other links during this period that DO actually get them listed in the search engines and they start to see some traffic. Unwittingly, they attribute this "success" to their submitting service and happily continue to pay their $29 a month, while telling all their friends how well it's working for them. Thus the cycle continues and the submitting services continue to not only thrive, but replicate through the industry!

Don't Be Afraid to Turn Off the Submitting Service

I promise you, it's not helping you in the least. We recently had a poster at the High Rankings Forum who insisted he did nothing but page submissions and got great rankings. Further investigation showed that he had links to these pages from the rest of his already-indexed pages. How Often Should I Resubmit My Optimized Site? >*Note- this is a long thread and some erroneous info is given in the first few pages- if you read it, be sure to read all the way through to see the results.

Several of us created pages and even domains to test the submission theory. To date, none of the submitted pages that have no other links pointing to them are in the search engine indexes of the three major engines. Yahoo seemed to take the most notice, actually sending a spider to take a look at the pages submitted, but they didn't "stick".

Understand this:


Submitting your Site to Directories WILL Help

As said above, crawling search engines (with spiders that crawl the web) find and add sites based on following links. To get those links, you should submit your site to directories.

You must submit your site to the human-reviewed directories if you want to be included in them, and an automated program can't do that for you. It can't select the proper category, fill in the various different types of fields requested for each directory, or read and input the "ransom code" (the auto-generated letters and numbers you often have to input to verify that you are a human.)

Software submission programs won't find the niche directories in your industry or locality, and they can't pay the submission fee that a lot of the higher quality directories are charging these days.

When it comes to link-building, the majority of the process is still a manual one, requiring thought, strategy, and careful selection. So stop spending money on that bogus submission service and instead invest in some high-quality directory links or other industry advertising. The effect will be long-term and actually bring in more traffic and sales, not just more offers for low cost drugs, logo designs, and incredible mortgage rates!

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June 29, 2005

Scottie Claiborne is the facilitator of the Successful Sites Newsletter. She is a speaker at the Search Engine Strategies conferences and the High Rankings Seminars as well as the administrator of the High Rankings Forum.

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