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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-06-11
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Hi Everyone!

Here is my first test run of the weekly newsletter in the new format. As promised, it is light on graphics and should be much easier to read. If you experience any problems with the newsletter, please be sure to let me know so I can work to fix them. If you do report a problem, please let me know which email program you are using.

Of course, if you think the new format is an improvement, feel free let me know that as well.

Have a great week!



Search Engine Marketing News

Re-Inclusion of a Banned Site in Google
Sumantra Roy at Search Engine Guide 2003-06-10
My site was banned by Google recently. I am not sure for what reason, but what must I do next to get back into Google?

Using Alexa to find good link partners 2003-06-10
The Alexa toolbar is a free add-on to MS Internet Explorer that gives you further information about web sites when surfing the Internet.

The Future of Search Engine Marketing
SearchDay 2003-06-10
What does 2003 and beyond hold in the constantly changing world of search engine marketing? A panel of industry experts looked into their crystal balls to provide some guidance.

Unethical SEO Companies - Preying On Your Inexperience 2003-06-10
There are two big areas of SEO that can inspire fraud -- undefined work ownership and undefined services. Don't let vague contracts and simple marketing packages lure you into an SEO relationship that's ripe for abuse.

Optimized Copy Still Not Ranking Well
Jill Whalen at Search Engine Guide 2003-06-09
There are two parts to the equation. The first depends on whether your pages are truly optimized as best as they can be for the given keyword phrase. The second part of the equation is the addition of as many high-quality outside links that also utilize your keyword phrase.

How Web Designers Are Sabotaging Their Clients 2003-06-09
One of the things that pains me the most as a search engine marketing (SEM) professional is how so many business owners are having their web site’s ability to attract targeted visitors compromised by their own web development company.

CPA: Your Marketing Should Depend on It 2003-06-06
Pay per click search engines certainly take their place in the arena of Internet marketing. But what place they take in developing your marketing campaign needs to be considered.

Inclusion Confusion, Continued
ClickZ 2003-06-06
What's XML paid inclusion and how can you harness it for optimal ROI?

Interview - Doug Heil, CEO/President of ihelpyou, Inc.
Achieve Net Profits 2003-06-06
Because of my bad experience with "tricks", it gets my goat up when other webmasters fall into the same traps by listening to ALL the bad information that is out there.

Shopping Search Engines Fuel Online Sales
SearchDay 2003-06-05
Specialized shopping search engines make it easy for searchers to research and buy products -- but they're also a powerful and cost-effective customer acquisition channel for merchants.

Paid Search Handbook, Part 1
ClickZ 2003-06-05
Overture and Google aren't the only players in the paid search game.

Link Popularity and Link Building
About Web Search 2003-06-05
Even apart from its impact on your search engine rankings, link building plays two other vitally important roles for a web site that each webmaster should consider when starting a link building campaign.

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Finding Your Website Ranking in Google
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