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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-06-25
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Hi Everyone!

Submissions are still being accepted for the free pass to the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. For everyone that has sent in a request, I have received it, and I'm slowly working my way through all of the messages.

Next week I'll announce who will receive the free pass.

Next week I also plan to announce something new for everyone that loves reading about the people behind businesses. If learning from the success (and failures) of others is for you, you'll definitely want to check next week's newsletter. I have an idea (about ideas) that I think you will like.

Have a great week!



Search Engine Marketing News

Small Businesses Embrace Search Engine Marketing
Source: 2003-06-24
The study's findings indicate increased Internet savvy among small-business advertisers, as local businesses try to get their share of the rapidly growing number of local commercial searches being performed across numerous search platforms.

eBay Starts Keyword Advertising
Source: 2003-06-24
The online marketplace learns the lessons of the paid search, offering pay-per-click banner advertising to its army of sellers.

Say Hello to... TowerSearch
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-06-23
In order to guarantee that each advertiser receives a top position for their keywords, results are shuffled whenever an end user performs a search. The result is that advertisers do not have to worry about per click costs, managing bid prices, checking to ensure that each click comes from a valid source, and so forth.

The Myth of 'Guaranteed #1 Ranking' in Search Engine Marketing
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-06-20
You've seen the ads: Guaranteed #1 Ranking! There are no guarantees in search engine marketing and website promotion. If anyone tells you different, you should check quickly to make sure they don't have their hand in your wallet.

Hidden Links and Extra Domains
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-06-20
Extra domains are definitely not something you should be using for search engine promotion efforts. DO NOT buy domain names thinking you'll use them to fool the search engines or anything like that.

The Power of Copy
Source: ClickZ 2003-06-20
Words, copy, message -- all are critical to the success of any search campaign (paid or not).

Does Google's AdSense Make Sense?
Source: ClickZ 2003-06-20
I'd love to see smaller publishers get paid for the great work they do. But the only way the plan will work is if it really performs for advertisers.

Search Engine Vanity
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-06-19
Many businesses now seek to ensure that when the average Internet user searches at Google, it is their website that sits at the top of the pile, proudly announcing 'Look at me, I am number one'.

Paid URL Inclusion- Is It For You?
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-06-19
One of the many options available to promote a website on search engines is called paid inclusion. Although there are several different kinds of paid inclusion this article deals specifically with the simplest form, in which an annual fee is paid for each page included in a search engine index.

Get Listed in Google in 30 Days or Less
Source: Microdoc News 2003-06-18
You have an ordinary website and you are having difficulty in getting Google to list more than you homepage? And you want to be listed in Google and any other search engine that is going to give you free referrals? Then here is what you need to do.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Outsourcing links
Cre8asite Forums
"If you are planning on being in business for the long term and plan to be doing business via the Internet for the long term you should ALWAYS be building your inbound links."

Google AdSense launched today
Webmaster World
"...we're putting checks in place to make sure that clicks are counted in the right way so that cheating doesn't take place. In the same way... you'll be happy to know that we have an editorial team that will review each web publisher application."

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