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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-07-02
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Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all who wrote in for the free Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo pass. There were too many submissions for me to respond to each individually, so I'll have to say thank you here. I decided the best, and fairest, way to handle the final selection was to have a drawing.

Amber Palmer of River Recreation Whitewater Rafting ended up with the lucky number.

Reading the messages sent in helped me learn a great deal more about the people that read this newsletter. There are a ton of readers that work for, or own, small businesses that heavily rely on their Websites to bring in new business and serve their current customers.

This brings up an idea that I've been mulling over for some time about providing information services catering to people just like you. In three weeks I will be opening a Search Engine Guide Members Area. Members will receive access to information that is critical to overcoming the challenges faced by those involved with small businesses. For example...

New Website Case Study - You will get an insider's view as I launch a brand new site and walk through every step of building, optimizing, and promoting it. Learn what tools I use, see the decisions I make, and, most importantly, learn from my successes and failures.

Information Aggregator - A critical factor in my success building Search Engine Guide has been the amount of time I've invested in learning from others. To help you do the same, I will hunt down articles that will help you improve your business by also learning from others. In the same way I find search engine marketing articles for this newsletter, I will point to information on topics such as:

Business Profiles - Articles about the people who run small businesses.
Time and Money Savers - Tools that will boost your productivity.
Ideas and Trends - What's ahead and what you can use to help you succeed.

Member Discounts - I'll seek out quality partners to offer discounts to our members. For example, SEO Research Labs has committed to becoming a partner in this respect. Also, a discount on Andrew Goodman's upcoming Pay-Per-Click Advertising Buyer's Guide will be provided.

In a nutshell, the Search Engine Guide Members Area will be an information service where I'll share my years of experience working on the Internet and help you find the information you need to succeed.

For those that subscribe before the launch, the cost for six months of access will be only $20. After the launch, the fee will go up significantly. How can you pass this up? For about the cost of a pizza and some drinks, you'll receive a six month membership to a high quality information service that can help your business.

So, what's more important - a pizza or your business?

Have a great week!




Search Engine Marketing News

Link Building That Makes Sense: Who To Link To
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-07-01
When you are building links to increase your link popularity, who do you link to? The question of where to link to increase ranking can be confusing. Logical thinking is needed to achieve link popularity in a natural way.

Groundhog Day (Or, Towards Reflective Equilibrium in Web Metrics)
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-07-01
We owe a lot to the "new web scientists" who are pushing metrics harder than ever. After years of wallowing in the miasma of unaccountable, complacent search engine marketing, for example, it's refreshing to be reminded by Bryan Eisenberg that "conversion rates measure success, yet way too many Web marketers equate success with traffic."

Online Marketing Research at a Glance
Source: 2003-07-01
Research companies are constantly releasing studies about online marketing, Internet-user behavior, and the e-commerce industry in general. We have listed some of those studies.

Work at Home Mom Is Acclaimed Search Engine Optimization Expert
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-06-30
I'm sure it looks like a huge accomplishment to those on the outside, I really believe that anyone who's fairly intelligent and who has the time to spend, can make themselves well known on the Internet. Even today, it's still doable if you work hard at it.

Search Engines: The New, De Facto OS?
Source: ClickZ 2003-06-30
Why should marketers care about Microsoft, Overture, and Longhorn? If Microsoft gets into the search business and integrates search with the OS, the burgeoning paid placement search market could change. Big time.

Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster
Source: 2003-06-30
The easier it is to find places with good information, the less time users will spend visiting any individual website. This is one of many conclusions that follow from analyzing how people optimize their behavior in online information systems.

Overture Releases Contextual Ad Product
Source: 2003-06-30
Content Match will open another front in the paid search company's ongoing war with Google.

SEO: Search Engine Optimists?
Source: ClickZ 2003-06-27
It's frightening to realize as hot as search is, so many are failing to maximize its potential. Conversion rates measure success, yet way too many Web marketers equate success with traffic. Every visit should end in a conversion!

Is SEM Becoming Unaffordable?
Source: ClickZ 2003-06-27
To participate and win in search, every opportunity must be taken to improve and optimize the campaign.

Use IRTA to Measure Search Engine Marketing Success
Source: The Marketleap Report 2003-06-26
Indexing, Ranking, Traffic, and Action collectively help gauge the progression and success of your search engine marketing efforts. When you use the four-step IRTA process, you are able to see at what stage changes need to be made to maximize your search marketing goals.

Two Easy Methods To Optimize Your JavaScript
Source: 2003-06-27
This easy-to-follow article will give you two easy ways to make the JavaScript on your web site more search engine friendly, improve your search engine position, and give your traffic levels a nice boost.

How to boost your AdSense revenue
Source: 2003-06-26
Look out, affiliate merchants! I believe AdSense will have a huge impact on the affiliate marketing industry. Weak affiliate merchants will die faster than ever and big ad networks are going to lose customers fast.

Impatient web searchers measure web sites' appeal in seconds
Source: 2003-06-25
Web users are picky and impatient, typically visiting only the first three results from a query, with one in five searchers spending 60 seconds or less on a linked Web document, according to Penn State researchers.

Contextual Ads and the Little Guy
Source: ClickZ 2003-06-25
Sites that never dreamed of carrying ads can leapfrog into the game.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Why didn't my web designer take SEO into consideration right from the beginning?
Cre8asite Forums
"Don't you think that the prospect who goes to the Web designer first, has the MINDSET that the designer will take care of preparing/designing the site to be found by people who will be searching for their products/services? Is this NOT a given in the mind of the prospect? "

Why did you buy from X site and not Y?
Webmaster World
"I do click on AdWords when looking for products. The other day I was looking for atomic clocks. If someone searches for that (and it came up as atomic clocks in the ad - not just clocks) - take me to the page on atomic clocks - not your main page."

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