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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-07-09
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Hi Everyone!

The Search Engine Guide Members Area will launch July 23rd, 2003 and pre-launch subscribers will receive their passwords and login information on July 21st.

If you own or work for a small business, then becoming a member is for you. I'll deliver information to members that is critical to sustaining an effective Internet presence. As a member, you will be part of an information service that covers search engine marketing and much more. Search engine marketing is essential to your online success, but there is more to the equation. Just take a look at what the internationally acclaimed search engine optimization expert Jill Whalen had to say recently:

"Don't ever let your bread and butter be based on your positions in the search engines. You should always have an alternate plan in case something happens to them."

As a member, you will have access to the information you need to stay current and develop an alternate plan.

Don't worry, search engine marketing isn't going away and I'll cover everything you need to know in an extensive New Website Case Study.

Plus, I'll point out business profile articles, productivity tools, business technology goodies, new ideas and trends, and much more.

If you subscribe before July 23rd, the cost for six months of access to this information service is only $20. After the launch, the rate will go up.

Have a great week!




Search Engine Marketing News

SEOs Who Party Like it's 1999
By Kalena Jordan 2003-07-08
I find it difficult to understand search engine optimizers who party like it's 1999 - using invisible text and hidden links in some pathetic, misguided attempt to trick the search engines into believing their site content is the most relevant. I mean, what are they thinking?

When Will Google Backlinks Show?
By Jill Whalen 2003-07-08
Roughly how long after someone adds me to their link page should it come up in a Google reverse link search?

Should Google Deter Reciprocal Linking?
Source: 2003-07-03
So how can a search engine, such as Google, deter reciprocal linking? I think the answer is simple--give one way links a much greater importance in the ranking algorithms than sites with two way links.

Overture's Content Match Takes On Google's Contextual Ads
Source: The Search Engine Report 2003-07-02
Overture finally unveiled its contextual ads program, called Content Match, officially this week. The program places Overture's paid listings on web pages, rather than within search results.

(Blog) Must....roll...rock...up...hill... again...
Source: Traffick 2003-07-02
People: once and for all... no automated submission services, no keyword density templates, no link farms, no "link farms that claim they're not link farms," no cloaking, no "cloaking that isn't really the bad kind of cloaking," no keyword stuffing, no "reciprocal linking clubs".... no, no, no!

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Turning corporate speak into useful web copy
Webmaster World
"If you want to sell a companies product, don't ask the company what to say, ask their customers what they are looking for! What do they need, what are their concerns? There's your content."

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