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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-09-03
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Hi Everyone!

There is no sponsor this week so I have an opportunity to tell you about two wonderfully talented people that will be helping me with my business. I'm thrilled to have found them and this is the perfect opportunity to share them with you.

First up is Karon Thackston, owner of Marketing Words, Inc. I won't name any names, but Karon is the secret weapon of many of the most well know Search Engine Optimizers in the business. Oh, you thought all SEOs did the writing when they work their magic on clients' sites... Nope! The best use professional SEO copywriters. The best of the best use Karon -- and for good reason. She is brilliant when it comes to understanding how to write copy that gets results with search engines and customers.

Karon has a special gift that isn't just limited to getting search engines to snap to attention. She also writes ads for the Web, radio and tv ad copy, and she does ghostwriting of ezine articles. She knows the key to writing that gets results. Unfortunately, Karon's services are in high demand, so I still have to wait another week and a half before she starts on my project. It will definitely be worth the wait, though.

Next up is Eric Yonge, owner of Eric Yonge Studios. I've lost track of how many hours I've spent trying to find just the right graphic artist to hire for the re-design of Search Engine Guide's logo. (No, you aren't the only one who has noticed how dull my logo is. :-)

I have an idea of the type of style I want to use for my site. The style has to be unique, it has to convey my message, it has to be great. After a frustratingly long search for someone who could get the style right, I finally found Eric. The moment I saw his work, I knew he was perfect for the job. A picture speaks a thousand words, so you'll have to visit Eric's site to see what I'm talking about. My words don't do his pictures justice.

Eric specializes in logo design and hand-drawn custom illustrations. So, forgot all the pre-packaged graphics used by a million and one other Web sites. Eric can create something that is uniquely you, something that grabs your customers, something that is great!

Did Karon or Eric pay me to say all of this. Nope, not one cent. They didn't ask me to either. I really believe in their work and I'm putting my own money where my mouth is. These are great people who do great work and I can't wait for them to get started on my projects.

If you get in touch with Karon or Eric, please tell them that I recommended their services to you. It will be my way of showing my appreciation for them.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough


(No sponsor this week.)


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