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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-09-10
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Robert Clough



Search Engine Marketing News

Making Sales on the Internet
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-09-10
If you build a better company than the other guys you can come out ahead. With lots of unique and useful content and a design that appeals to your audience, you can rank well with a commercial site and build a good business while you're at it.

The Right Keyword Phrases Bring Customers
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-09-10
Search engine optimization is not about bringing in traffic that might be interested in your product. It's about bringing in people and traffic who want exactly what you sell. Note the word 'exactly.'

A Dynamic Solution for Dynamic URLs
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-09-08
As a web developer and programmer I have been building and optimizing dynamic sites for the past 4 years. I knew going in that there were some problems with optimization of database-driven sites. The first step in programming a solution is identifying the problems you'll encounter implementing a solution. A major problem for dynamic sites is search engine visibility.

Inquiry Marketing Fulfills SEM's Promise
Source: ClickZ 2003-09-08
If you're just thinking about keywords, clicks, and conversions, you may be missing out on search's potential.

Search Marketing Organizations: A Road Map
Source: ClickZ 2003-09-05
Unscrambling the abbreviations of the groups supporting SEM. What role does each nonprofit play?

Interview with Wordtracker Founder Andy Mindel
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-09-04
Many search engine optimization experts, this author included, find Wordtracker research to be an invaluable part of the search engine optimization process. I recently interviewed Andy Mindel, Wordtracker’s founder and president, to learn more about the London-based company and the service that it provides.

Keyword Research - Employ a More Lateral Thinking Approach
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-09-04
Regardless of how keen your keyword researching skills are, using tools like Wordtracker, I also want to encourage you to start expanding your focus and even occasionally shifting it entirely to embrace an even bigger picture. Think laterally about what value you can add to your target audience. In order to do this you must first understand what it is THEY really want.

SEMPO, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, Opens To Members
Source: Search Engine Report 2003-09-02
The new Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization aims to raise the profile of search engine marketing, so that potential clients will understand what SEM is and budget money for it.

Introduction to the Open Directory Project
Source: ClickZ 2003-09-03
The Open Directory Project (ODP) is arguably the most widely distributed directory, although its home page,, is not widely known outside the Webmaster community.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

What would you pay for a link from a PR7 or a PR8?
Cre8asite Forums
"It would seem to me that at least some of the things I was saying back then, have stood the test of time, not to mention the wrath of Google. Mainly, that links ARE a currency and that anything of value is going to be capitalized on."

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