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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-11-12
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Hi Everyone!

Robert Clough


Search Engine Marketing News

Rich Get Richer - Why Yahoo, DMOZ, Google and PageRank are Important
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-11-11
Because Google is currently the largest hub on the Internet, establishing links on DMOZ and Yahoo are vital to establishing PageRank and becoming a hub on the web. PageRank is not just a marketing gimmick, it helps illustrate which web sites are hubs and which are nodes.

Making Marketing Matter: Creating Customer Focus with Overture’s Matt Strain
Source: 2003-11-11
Overture's Matt Strain discusses how marketing can work effectively within a technology-driven company.

The Art of Advanced Link Building
Source: SearchDay 2003-11-11
Advanced link building strategies are critical for achieving high rankings in search engines, according to two noted experts and representatives from Google and Teoma.

SEO Confusion: Keywords by Page or Site?
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-11-10
The easy answer is that as far as the search engines are concerned, every page of your site has its own unique keyword phrases based upon the information it provides. This means that when a search engine is determining which page in its database is relevant to the search query at hand, it's looking for the best, most relevant *page* -- not *site*. On a deeper level, however, all of the pages of your site actually do play a role in how you'll get your rankings.

What Search Engine Marketing Does Your Site Need?
Source: ClickZ 2003-11-10
Search engine marketing can be broken down into a number of components. Know what you're shopping for before you buy search marketing services.

Search Engine Marketing Webinar
Source: SearchDay 2003-11-10
How should you focus your search marketing efforts? A free webinar this week explores the options and advantages of several different approaches to search marketing.

Case In Point: What You Need To Know About Link Popularity
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-11-07
Debra O'Neil-Mastaler of Alliance Link is here to give us the ins and outs of link popularity and how to ensure your linking strategies accomplish your goals.

The SEM Shakeout: Are You Ready?
Source: ClickZ 2003-11-07
Competition's heating up. Prices are rising. Search is a zero-sum game.

Organic SEO: Patience For Long Term Ranking Results
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-11-06
Clients regularly ask me about the timing of a search engine optimization campaign and when those results will be seen in the search engine listings. A long term marketing campaign based on search engine optimization takes time: patience is the name of the game.

Local Search Not for Mom and Pop
Source: 2003-11-05
It seems like everyone's rolling out local search. But who's going to buy these placements? Will a national advertiser like Domino's start hyping pepperoni pizzas in Boston and veggie specials in LA? Or will Joe's Pizza in Piscataway put one of the busboys on keyword optimization duty?

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Outsourcing.....Any Implications for SEOs?
High Rankings Forum
"There's a lot in the U.K press at the moment about outsourcing of jobs to India and elsewhere. ...Do you reckon that a good area to specialise in is going to be local SEO, for small businesses, where they value seeing you face to face? It sounds alarmist to be thinking along these lines already, but who would have thought a few years ago that call centres would come into existence, or that a few years later they would start going abroad?"

Top 10 Rankings In 10 Days?!, How is it possible!
High Rankings Forum
"Here's how they do it. The engines on their list include Excite and InfoSpace. These use PPC ads WITHIN their results. So all they have to do is buy PPC ads and then show you 50 top 10 rankings in those engines and the others that mix ads with search results, and they have fulfilled their guarantee. Any guinea pig SEO could do it."

Advertising In Yahoo
High Rankings Forum
"Would like to know how Yahoo supports PPC."

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