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Weekly Newsletter - 2003-12-03
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Hi Everyone!

The recent Google dance has created a furor with many businesses whose rank in Google suddenly disappeared. What really has people upset is the fact that many of these business owners had played by the rules and weren't using any trickery to gain better rankings. Plus, the fact that Google chose the holiday season to make drastic changes will result in a terrible loss of revenue for plenty of small businesses.

If you are totally reliant on free traffic from search engines for bringing in new customers to your site, you are just one algorithm change away from catastrophe. Google isn't trying to hurt these businesses. It is just something that happens as they make adjustments. Although the impact of this update was especially dramatic, this has happened before and it will happen again.

You absolutely must find other ways of bringing in regular visitors to your site. Whether it's pay per click advertising, text advertising, newsletters, or an number of other marketing options. Just be sure the flow of traffic to your site is spread out amongst many sources.

Thanks for your support and have a great week!

Robert Clough



Search Engine Marketing News

Prepare to be Monetized, Punk: Google Plays Sheriff with Commercially-Oriented Search Listings
By Andrew Goodman 2003-12-03
Another revenue angle to consider: Google now actually stands to make money from quality content sites which get ranked well. That's because many of these sites now show AdSense ads, and Google gets a little revenue share from them, too. It's ingenious, really. Google has figured out how to get paid much more than the zilch they used to get paid for running a search engine, whether users click through to commercial listings or quality content, and yet without assaulting users with irrelevant, commercialized search index listings.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising: Smart Campaign Management Tips
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-12-02
Don't get into an emotional bidding war if you lose a top ranking. It's much smarter to look for new and cheaper keywords. Cast your net broadly and you'll save money.

NexTag Helps Small Merchants Ring in Holiday Season
Source: 2003-12-02
NexTag shopping search engine competes in an e-commerce sector that is rapidly becoming a hotly contested field, thanks to the increasingly popularity of consumer use of search engines.

'Tis the Season: Build a Search Engine Marketing Budget
Source: ClickZ 2003-12-01
To build your first SEM budget, you may first have to engage in SEM to determine volume and performance. But some forecasting is possible.

Google Dance Syndrome Strikes Again
Source: SearchDay 2003-12-01
There's been a new outbreak of Google Dance Syndrome, causing some web sites last month to lose top positions for some search terms. However, unlike previous outbreaks, a cure exists that makes it easy to compare results from old to new Google. These comparisons have some marketers convinced that recent changes at Google are designed to boost ad sales, a charge Google flatly denies.

New Developments in Local Search, Part 5
Source: ClickZ 2003-11-26
Chuck the yellow pages! Search engines are bringing search local. Who's doing what and how SEM will change.

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Web Analytics - Is It Worth It?
High Rankings Forum
"If you know what you're doing with pay-per-click advertising, you have the potential to make an unlimited amount of money from it... So yes, web analytic software is extremely important. You need to measure and test everything with a PPC campaign."

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