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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-01-14
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Hi Everyone!

We happen to live right behind my daughter's grade school. On nice days like today, I'll leave the back door open so I can hear the sounds of the kids playing at recess. Listening to all of those kids having fun is a great way to improve anyone's mood (and make you want to play hooky from work). Just thought I'd share that with you. :-)

Thanks to Surfcorp for sponsoring this week's newsletter. They kinda remind me of the Energizer Bunny... they keep growing, and growing, and growing...

Have a great week!

Robert Clough


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Surfcorp Rolls Into January With Another Record Month

The momentum at Surfcorp continues as it reports another record month with over 4 million queries performed. You can capitalize on Surfcorp's growth by using their web site marketing program to drive high quality traffic to your site.

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Search Engine Marketing News

Search Engine Wars - Innovate To Survive in 2004
Source: Search Engine Guide 2004-01-14
The message is clear: you can't rely on just one search engine for all of your traffic. You must use all your wits to emerge victorious from the search engine wars. Google is important, but it is not everything. Keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities and old standbys: other search engines and directories, paid placement and pay-per-click, newsletters, and even more traditional channels.

The Keywords That Sell
Source: Search Engine Guide 2004-01-14
People are visiting your site, but they aren't converting. A common reason for this type of occurrence is that one important consideration is often overlooked in keyword selection - the sales cycle.

Why Ecommerce is Not Ready for My Daughter or Me
Source: Search Engine Guide 2004-01-13
We assume that the top 20 sites in search engine results are the best of the best based on our search keywords. That, I'm afraid, is the saddest shock of all. Top rank doesn't equal the best online experience once you click into that website. That part of usability wasn't tested for you by the search engine or directory. That's not their job.

Preparing up for the pay-per-click boom
Source: newmediazero 2004-01-13
Overture, as part of Yahoo!, now has a greater drive to beat Google, since Yahoo! feels Google has stolen its rightful place as the first port of call for online search. Moreover, whereas before one of the two PPC platforms was a behind-the-scenes operator, they are now both prime consumer-facing brands. The PPC market will only get more interesting.

A perfect storm for pay-per-click?
Source: 2004-01-13
Left unchecked, advertisers will, at a point, abandon PPC if they lose their trust in the process and begin to feel like victims in waiting.

Yahoo! Drops Google (Get Out Your Wallets)
Source: ClickZ 2004-01-12
On your mark, get set, raise your search engine marketing budget. A lot.

Search Engine Marketing Resources From SEMPO
Source: SearchDay 2004-01-12
The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization's web site offers a wealth of resources for both search marketers and information professionals alike.

Maximizing SEM Revenue in the New Year, Part 1
Source: ClickZ 2004-01-08
Today, let's look at revenue maximization strategies with a fixed, predefined budget.

Local Search: The Hybrid Future
Source: SearchDay 2004-01-08
Last year at this time there was really no such thing as 'local search.' Fast forward twelve months and local is one of the hottest topics in search.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Is it time to get out of the SEO business?
Cre8asite Forums
"Joining the SEO game is a little bit like moving to LA. No matter that you've heard all the stories about quakes, you still are never prepared for the first one that comes along in your own experience. You can tell how long someone has lived there by the severity of the quake that they take in their stride."

Hidden Google Tools
Free Pint
"I know, I know... you're already an expert Google searcher, and you've been using Google since you were in short pants (now, that's an expression that dates me, isn't it?). But I'm still going to toss out a few tools and resources that you might not have found already."

Bad news at FindWhat
Jim World
"...the logic behind the technology is very sound. Jackhammer users that have enabled this system are reporting that their advertisers are definitely getting more traffic, mainly on searches that are misspelled, or with plurals/singulars that they wouldn't have gotten through their normal bidding patterns. ...That said, as in favor as I am of the system, by not allowing you out of it, FindWhat is making a pretty grave mistake..."

Recommended Australia Search Engine for Pay Per Click Advertising
Best Practices Forums
"...the Australian Market will get interesting in about 2 weeks time, when Overture Australia has its official launch..."

Incoming Links from Client Sites
Cre8asite Forums
"...this isn't saying we need to discard the idea of having links on client sites. Rather, we need to make the relevance more implicit. The simplest way of attaining this would be to change the way these links are worded."

Alexa Rankings... How to Bring It Down Legitimately
Webmaster World
"All you can do is increase traffic. Any ranking above about 8-10k can safely be ignored. Once into that territory, it is pretty hard to influence all (believe, I've studied this in depth, and I can't see a way to influence it other than by traffic.)"

Are you satisfied with your PPC Marketing?
Cre8asite Forums
" your site usable, and good at converting visitors into customers? Many times, a site is confusing, poorly laid out without clear calls to action. Sometimes, it isn't the PPC campaign that fails, but the site that traffic ends up on."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

How I Did It: Roxanne Quimby
The story of Roxanne Quimby is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend. A divorced mother living without electricity, she teamed up with Burt Shavitz, a reclusive beekeeper, and in 1984 began selling items made from beeswax. Over the years she built that crafts business into Burt's Bees, a leading natural personal-care brand. Last fall Quimby, who'd bought out Shavitz when he retired, struck a deal to sell 80% of the company to AEA Investors, a private-equity firm, for more than $175 million.

"I really believe that success is just getting up one more time than you fall. It doesn't come from one brilliant idea, but from a bunch of small decisions that accumulate over the years. And you shouldn't underestimate the amount of work that's involved, the amount of fear that's involved."

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