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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-02-04
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Hi Everyone!

I'm in the process of performing a bunch of updates on Search Engine Guide. One thing I'm playing with is a change of color. It's time for the grey to go.

So, I've replaced the grey with blue in this issue. It isn't a huge change, but it will hopefully improve the look of the newsletter without losing any readability. If the new color makes it more difficult to read any of the text, please let me know.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough


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Search Engine Marketing News

Search Engine Keyphrases and the Power of the Modifier
Source: Search Engine Guide 2004-02-03
Modifiers in search engine phrases are used for two main reasons: to increase the percentage of ideal prospects in the traffic the phrase attracts, and to find terms that are easier to target on search engines. Adding the right type of modifiers to your search engine keyphrases will increase your chances of success.

SEM - Research Measures Success
Source: Search Engine Guide 2004-02-02
Remember when homework from school often required some research on your part to complete? It is much the same scenario for search engine marketing: you need to apply yourself by researching in order to understand your competition and target audience. Your visitors need to relate to you and understand your message and what you want them to do.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization VS. Pay Per Click
Source: Search Engine Guide 2004-02-02
With the current rise of pay per click advertising services such as Overture, Google AdWords and many others, professional search engine optimization companies are having to deal more and more with the issue of why their clients should spend money on traditional SEO when they can simply "buy their way to the top."

Titles and Search Engine Marketing
Source: ClickZ 2004-02-02
'Title' has many different meanings in the SEM industry. Make sure you and your SEM firm are speaking the same language when marketing your site.

The year of Yahootomi: part 2
Source: netimperative 2004-02-02
Both this column and Part 1 of this article, should help to give a general overview of where you should focus the best part of your "organic based" strategy. There are the major PPC services which spread across networks such as Overture, Google AdWords and eSpotting as well, which also require careful media buying appraisal to fit tactically into your overall strategy.

Separating Search and Contextual Inventory
Source: ClickZ 2004-01-30
Overture now allows marketers to bid for contextual and search inventory separately. How should you cope with yet another major search engine change?

Google faces trademark suit over keyword ads
Source: 2004-01-28
A lawsuit filed this week has intensified an ongoing dispute over whether Google's policy of selling ads related to search terms is legal or involves trademark infringement.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Do the search engines see banner links?
High Rankings Forum
"If a website uses one of your animated gif or jpeg banners to link to your site is it also necessary for them to add a text link in order for the search engines to see it?"

Inktomi as the Saviour of SEO/M
"...INK does have a contractual relationship with some SEM providers over and above the standard 'pay us money and we'll put you in the DB somewhere'. ...If any drastic changes were made to the INK algo, some would be advised as to how to use these changes to their clients (which are also clients of INK) best advantage. Now, this is not going to be exactly good news for "organic" SEO people - but INK/Yahoo want people to like their listings..."

A Tricky One...
Best Practices Forums
" you believe that Google is treating each URL containing the affiliate code as a unique webpage or possibly an entirely different site?"

Build Brand Equity For Search
High Rankings Forum
"Branding IS important for search, and for every aspect of your business."

Adding meta tags using Php
Cre8asite Forums
" it necessary to have a unique page name, description etc, on every dynamically created page? I am doing a directory of local websites, so most pages will be the same, with subtle variations. So in short, do I really need anything more than simple html meta content?"

Anyone else's MSN rankings slipping?
"It is possible for sites to do well without an ODP and Yahoo listing. But think of those two directory sites as your anchors in a storm. Things may go well in calm winds. But when the weather gets rough, you really need those listings to anchor your position."

Verizon to Launch Local Search PPC (Free reg. required)
Webmaster World
"Believing that it is uniquely positioned to dominate local search on the Internet, Verizon's Information Services arm has announced plans to overhaul its site. The company's revamped Web presence, scheduled to debut on March 1, boasts a streamlined look without sacrificing anything in the way of information"

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Pregnant PR maven writes e-tome
Some people swear they have a book inside of them. Turns out, Margie Fisher had both a book and a baby inside of her, and birthed them both - much to the benefit of her company - at about the same time.

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