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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-02-18
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Hi Everyone!

My apologies for a short newsletter this week. I am making progress with the upgrades on Search Engine Guide - it just happens to be going slowly. :-)

Even though this is a short issue, it covers a very important topic. Yahoo! is giving Google the boot and they are finally rolling out their own search results. The first article below, from the good folks at Search Engine Watch, is the "must-read" article of the week.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough


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Search Engine Marketing News

Yahoo! Birth of a New Machine
Source: SearchDay - Yahoo is rolling out a brand new search engine today, with its own index and ranking mechanisms, casting aside its long-standing use of Google-powered search results. The move is bound to roil the industry and sets in motion a new race for the claim of web search champion.

Changes Afoot at Yahoo & MSN
Source: SearchDay - Search engine marketers have long been awaiting changes at Yahoo and MSN. Finally, signs of transition are beginning to appear.

Has Paid Search Peaked?
Source: eMarketer - eMarketer's new Search Engine Marketing report says US paid search ad spending growth peaked in 2003, but it will exceed one-third of all online ad spending next year.

XML Paid Inclusion: Marketing Winner, Search Spam Killer
Source: ClickZ - It's about to become big -- very big. Three reasons to learn now about XML feeds for your search campaign.

Is your site hiding from the spiders?
Source: About Web Search - Mike Banks Valentine explores the many ways that Webmasters can inadvertently cause their Web sites to play hide and seek with the search engines. Learn how secure servers and shopping carts can wreak havoc on a spider's ability to work its way through your site. If you're having trouble getting your site indexed, this is a must read

(PR) Local Search Now 25% of Internet Commercial Activity
Source: Yahoo! Finance - New survey conducted by The Kelsey Group and shows significant usage of search engines by online buyers for finding local business information.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Yahink Really Rolling Out!
Source: JimWorld - "It appears that Yahoo's new search rolled out globally between 1pm and 2pm GMT today. Through checks with people across the UK, Europe and the US - all got the same results. ... The results are very different to MSN/Hotbot with no geo-targeting. Also the directory seems to add extra weighting as do some other factors (rather like the old INK BOW index). There is quite a bit of analysis to do as things roll out - but the results are quite a bit different to Inktomi's Pure Search."

Link Reputation Is King
Best Practices Forums
"If you study Google (and the other engines) in an in-depth way, you will quickly realize that Google cares MORE about what OTHER pages (AKA Link Reputation) have to say about YOUR page than what your page has to say about your page!"

Becoming an Authority - Recovering from Florida/Austin
Cre8asite Forums
"I'm increasingly seeing more references to Localrank and Hilltop as the most likely factors regarding the new algorithm and these articles and reports back up my own research. I'd like to make perhaps some practical suggestions, or at least things to try out, for those affected by Florida/Austin."

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From the Small Business Brief...
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How to Raise Subscription Site Conversions and Lifetime Value Rates
More than 100,000 sites, including The Weather Channel and several CNET properties use the Internet Billing Company to process their reoccurring billing offers for content, downloads, and site access. We interviewed Major Accounts Director Howard Goldberg to get some eagle's eye advice on what works and what doesn't work for selling online subscriptions. And, boy did he have some great advice...

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