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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-03-17
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Hi Everyone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Google is celebrating today with a nifty logo. I'm afraid that I don't quite possess the same artistic talent as the Google graphics guy, so I just made the background of this week's ad green. :-)

Today just feels like a fun day. Feel free to use that as an excuse to quit work early and go have some fun with your family and friends.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

P.S. - If you ever send email to me and you don't hear back within a day or so, please send it again. I get a lot of false-positives with my filters, but I have to say it's been worth it to keep email manageable.


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Search Engine Marketing News

Doorway Pages or Advertising Pages, What Is The Difference?
Source: Search Engine Guide - So what is the difference between a doorway page and an advertising page? Only the way they are spelled. It is still a spam technique. It doesn't work. If by chance it does, it won't for the long term.
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A Marketer's View of Search Engine Strategies New York
Source: Search Engine Guide - Jason Dowdell and Benjamin Pfeiffer provide insight into some Search Engine Strategies sessions that would be of particular interest to web site owners and marketers. Contextual ads, writing for the search engines, content, and advanced link building are covered.
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What to do with Yahoo!
Source: Search Engine Guide - The question I'm sure many people have is this: What the heck is the best way to get into Yahoo! (and by extension, Altavista and Alltheweb) and get found? Is it worth $29-$49 per URL plus 15-30 cents per click to be found in the index? The simple answer is it depends.
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eBay Enhances Stores for Search Engine Optimization
Source: - eBay is changing the default structure of its Stores URLs to make it easier for search engines to recognize keywords in Store names more easily and provide better indexing.
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Ten Tips to the Top of the Search Engines
Source: Search Engine Guide - Having a Web site that gets found in Google and the other engines isn't hard to do, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are ten tips to get you started.
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B2B Search: Playing the Odds
Source: ClickZ - You can stick to a search campaign budget, be it hundreds, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.
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Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing
Source: SearchDay - Search engine marketing is crucial for the success of online businesses -- but should you take on search marketing in-house, or outsource this challenging task?
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Questions for Dana Todd, Executive VP of SiteLab International
Source: ClickZ - Dana Todd shares her thoughts on a wide range of search- related topics.
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Local Search Brings Consumers Home
Source: ClickZ - Geotargeting aids consumers who want to plan trips around a single location, shop online/pick-up offline, and find neighborhood goods and services.
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Why Is Search So Hot?
Source: ClickZ - What does search have the rest of online advertising doesn't?
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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Yahoo! Answers Site Match Questions
Source: JimWorld - "The Yahoo! Team is posting this Site Match information / Overview to answer questions and clarify issues that have been raised on the message board."

Google to target PR hoarders
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "There have been repeated small quotes and rumblings from Google of late that lead me to believe that using JavaScript to hide outbound links is no longer a safe practice."

Yahoo Blocking Affliate Sites
Source: High Rankings Forum - "People who submit via PFI are more likely to get a penalty than sites that are naturally crawled. PFI sites are all reviewed - free crawled sites are subject to random inspection, so are far more likely to get away with it."

Yahoo What gives? How do you tell if your penalized? (Free reg. required)
Source: Webmaster World - "Why hasnt Yahoo dealt with this problem? ... If they charged a fee to review a site, they could even make a profit or at a minimum cover the cost of setting this up."

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