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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-04-21
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Hi Everyone!

Jill Whalen's High Rankings Search Engine Marketing Seminar is this Friday. If you live in, or plan to be in the Chicago area, the clock is ticking but there is still time to register. Jill will have her merry crew of experts on hand so you'll learn a ton and have fun too.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough


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Search Engine Marketing News

Getting a Great Google Description
Source: Search Engine Guide - Let's look at what circumstances cause Google to display your Meta description as opposed to a plain old snippet. It's actually surprisingly simple, yet elegant...
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Spam, Unprofitable Spam
Source: iMedia - Despite the negativity, possible penalties and efforts of credible search marketers, the cornerstone of the spammerís sales pitch is a guaranteed ranking fantasy. The truth is, guarantees in optimization are implausible, but defending the truth is always difficult because reality is never as exciting as the dream.
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Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
Source: Search Engine Guide - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.
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Managing Search Marketing Campaigns
Source: SearchDay - While search engine paid placement campaigns can be immensely profitable, effective bid management can be time-consuming and can quickly become a drawn out game of chess...
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Evolution of a Search Engine Marketer
Source: Search Engine Guide - The search engines may change through the years, but people just finding out about SEO all tend to go through a similar growth process.
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Trademark Bidding on Google
Source: ClickZ - How brands can minimize competitive threats now that others can bid on trademarked keywords.
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NetIQ Quietly Changes SEM -- Forever
Source: ClickZ - A new market was just created and NetIQ just cornered it -- the search engine marketing and advertising analytics market.
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SEM, Sales Assistance, and Proactive Communications, Part 1: Search Meets the Phone
Source: ClickZ - The salesperson's role in the online purchase process. Part one of a two-part series.
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Google Drops Restrictions on AdWords
Source: SearchDay - In other words: Sorry trademark holders, we're going to let anyone bid on the brand terms that you've spent so much money to establish with consumers.
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Google to target Web surfers by city
Source: - The search giant on Thursday will introduce capabilities for U.S. and international advertisers to reach Web surfers by their city of origin--a move that represents Google's latest push for ad sales.
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Get a Free Account with TowerSearch
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The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines
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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Browser Detection
Source: High Rankings Forum - "...with older browsers some times the CSSs don't work properly - as a solution I was thinking of using a browser detection to redirect them to a simpler page. I considered that the SEs might not like the page duplications but thought that I would handle that with a robot.txt file. Would that work?"

Nosnippets and Description Meta Tags
Source: Best Practices Forums - "Would Google ... show my description tag instead if i use a 'nosnippet' meta tag to prevent google from showing snippets of my pages?"

Black Hat Techniques
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "Black Hat SEO techniques work fantasticly ... right up until one of your competitors notice and report you."

Local Vs. Niche Marketing On Pay Per Click
Source: High Rankings Forum - "In my experience, you can expect higher conversions from terms where you include a regionally targeted phrase. However, it only works if you clearly state your geographic location within your site."

Why Is An On-Topic Link Important?
Source: JimWorld - "And is it really?? I've read several threads of people talking about the importance of on-topic links. I don't know what to think... maybe it is important, and maybe it's not."

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From the Small Business Brief...
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'Bill Me Later' Coming Soon?
While selling products to consumers and allowing them to pay for it later -- or in installments -- might seem a risky way of doing business online, the concept is gaining steam thanks to I4 Commerce's "Bill Me Later".

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