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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-08-04

Hi Everyone!

As you probably noticed, there was no newsletter last week. We are in the process of moving to a new delivery system and we ran into technical problems getting the subscriber list moved. Hopefully everything will be fixed soon, but if you have any problems, please let me know.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Yahoo Targets Google, Yellow Pages with New Local Search
Source: SearchDay - Yahoo has rolled out a feature-laden beta version of its local search service, sharply upping the ante in the rapidly evolving local search sweepstakes.
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SEM and Branding Influence
Source: ClickZ - A lot of hype surrounds the recently released Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Search Engine Effectiveness Committee's report on the brand lift from textual paid search results. Some search engine marketers laud the report. Others have mixed reactions
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Buying Brand Keywords: A Case Study
Source: ClickZ - Every case is different. But in nearly every scenario I've looked at, it makes financial sense for the brand owner to buy his own brand.
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Lost Per Click: Search Advertising & Click Fraud
Source: SearchDay - Click fraud -- the practice of clicking on a text advertisement served by a search engine for the sole purpose of forcing the advertiser to pay for the click -- is emerging as an important concern for search engine marketers.
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Search Engine Marketing and Branding Challenges
Source: SearchDay - Search engines are recognized as one of the best ways to generate qualified leads online. What about branding aspects? Should search engine marketing be considered as part of a brand-building campaign?
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Get Into Yahoo for Free Part II
Source: Search Engine Guide - Based on research I've been conducting over the past 3 months I've come to the conclusion there must've been an internal memo sent around at Yahoo! about getting more blogs into their directory listing and web index. This is based on the fact that the average time it's taken to get a personal blog included in the Yahoo! directory has been less than 7 days!
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Requiem for Direct Metrics
Source: iMedia Connection - This study shattered several myths in search: paid ads are ignored by users, no one clicks on paid listings because they are viewed as "ads" and you canít impact brand awareness with simple text listings. With these achievements, I still have at least one or two unanswered questions.
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Overture tool broadens ad analysis
Source: - The new software lets advertisers automate keyword bidding based on response metrics and find out which keywords or campaigns are underperforming, Overture said Tuesday. Marketers can also create watch lists of keywords and run campaigns during specific times of day.
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Google AdWords as a Research Tool and Focus Group
Source: ClickZ - AdWords is a fantastic source of data about your customers and for helping you to analyze that data. It's a tool that can be used to acquire and research customers simultaneously.
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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Change To Link Bomb Sign Of New Link Analysis Shift?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "That makes me think ... Google's trying some new link analysis changes in general. In fact, it seems like they might be leaning toward doing something that Brandt's wanted, to not let link text count (or as much) unless the words are actually on the page."

Subject Line To Use On Link Exchange Request (Free Reg. Required)
Source: Webmaster World - "I try to think of a non-link-request reason to contact the other Web site. Maybe I will find an interesting article on their site that I can comment on, or maybe I will suggest an idea for our Web sites to work together in the future, such as sharing a booth at an event, or cross-promoting each other's local events."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Article Distribution Means Backlinks!
"With the rage of link popularity, PageRank and backlinks these days, many are scrambling to get good quality links to their sites. This is often a very tedious and time consuming task. One way I have found to help this process along is to write articles related to your industry..."

Co-Op Advertising Programs
"As a retailer of so many brands, I was sure to find co-op dollars somewhere! I soon found that with a little smooth talking, most of our big brands were willing to fork out dollars for more than print! That's right - some even are willing to contribute for banner ads on the web."

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