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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-08-11

Hi Everybody!

For everyone that wasn't able to attend the latest Search Engine Strategies conference (myself included) there is a thread at the Search Engine Watch forums that provides good coverage of what we missed. The thread is located here:

Also, there are some great pictures available from the conference that can be found here:

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Common-sense Search Engine Optimization
Source: Search Engine Guide - As the Web matures, more and more site owners are discovering that their fancy, cutting-edge sites don't convert as well as the competitor's informational site that gets right down to business. It's usually at that point that they become more receptive to doing what it takes to make their site the best it can be for their visitors as well as the search engines.
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Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
Source: Search Engine Guide - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.
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Combating the Rising Cost of Keywords
Source: ClickZ - Does an increase in keyword costs necessarily translate into a decrease in keyword return on investment (ROI)? It better not. If it does, you've figured your ROI structure wrong.
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PPC Advertising Connects to Conversion Rate
Source: ClickZ - The importance of improving your site's conversion rate cannot be overstated. Don't wait until PPC advertising prices become prohibitively expensive to focus on increasing conversion rates.
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Paid search growth may slow
Source: - Advertisers will more than double spending on paid search to $5.5 billion in 2009 from $2.6 billion this year, but the annual growth rate will decelerate to 11 percent in 2009 from 65 percent in 2003, according to a report by JupiterResearch, due to be released on Monday.
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Benchmarking and Baselines in SEM
Source: ClickZ - Use internal benchmarking, or baselining. Beating your own baseline numbers is as satisfying as beating the competition because much of the lift comes from the competition. When you run smart, efficient campaigns, you take orders away from the competition while meeting ROI objectives.
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Search Engine Books & Services (Classifieds)

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The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines
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Free Trial: Keyword & Search Engine Reporting from SearchTrax
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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Tracking Past Links & Traffic?
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Everyone thinks search engines are the only way to go- it's time people started realizing that there are other (better) ways to get traffic."

Advice on Site Structure
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "If you put them in the root and the site later grows to much more than originally envisioned, you'll eventually feel the need to better organize. Moving the pages later WILL affect more than just yourself. If you put them in folders now and the site never grows, you will have lost little beyond the time required to create the folders..."

PPC Bounce Rate
Source: High Rankings Forum - "For those who are unfamiliar with the term in this context, bounce rate is a measure of what visitors do upon entering a page on your website. i.e. do the leave immediately without clicking a further links (i.e. do they BOUNCE) or do they stick around, buy or visit more pages."

After SEMPO: Should We Start a Trade Association?
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "Does there need to be a competing org? Once that org gets higher membership numbers (hardly difficult) they become the main player. How much support is there out there for Bill's notion of a representative SEM organisation?"

Google AdWords Myths (Free Reg. Required)
Source: Webmaster World - "Think differently and make AdWords work for you."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Experiences (good or bad) with Paypal?
"I use PayPal to send and receive money and it works wonderfully for me. Been using them as one of my payment options for years. It surprises me that you'd say they are expensive. Maybe they are compared to wire transfers, but not compared to other payment options."

Local Product Search
"Although still in beta, I'm really liking that site. There have been quite a few studies I've read that show a huge number of people study products online, and then find a physical location in their area to buy."

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