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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-09-22

Hi Everyone,

Have you dropped by our forum lately? If not, your missing out on some great discussions. Although we do talk about search engine marketing, we also talk about blogging, newsletters, email marketing, ecommerce and tons more. We even have a chat area where you can shoot the breeze about non-business topics. So, if you haven't already visited, we'd love to have you drop in.

I hope you have a great day!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Is PPC an Essential Tool?
Source: Search Engine Guide - Is PPC now an essential marketing tool or can honest SEO techniques still win the day alone?

Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
Source: Search Engine Guide - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.

Search Engine Optimized Email Newsletters Part 1
Source: Search Engine Guide - This is part one of a three-part series on optimization of newsletters for your search engine campaign.

There's Search in Them There Hills
Source: iMedia Connection - Mining for search at the Summit finds brands are more search-savvy than some give them credit for.

SEM Wants to Embrace the CMO
Source: ClickZ - Search has earned its way up the corporate food chain, from Webmaster to marketing coordinator to director of online marketing and VP of online marketing. It's time to claim the CMO as our own.

SEM Budget Multipliers, Part 2
Source: ClickZ - Tactics to get more impact and better results out of your search campaign -- with the same budget. Part two of a two-part series.

Burned by search marketing firms?
Source: netimperative - There is no doubt that, with the current euphoria surrounding search because of the predicted billions that go with it, everybody in the marketplace is an expert and everybody has the best deal. Rarely has the term "Caveat emptor" (Latin for "let the buyer beware") had a more active environment to be bandied around in.

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Keywords
Source: Search Engine Guide - Just when I finally stopped getting the dreaded "Do I need commas or no commas in my Meta keyword tag" question, there's been a new stream of Meta tag questions being asked. I'm not sure of the reason for the sudden interest, but it's probably because people are starting to worry about other engines besides Google now.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Google - Paid inclusion?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forum - "Its an open secret that big AdWords spenders can get a little 'advice' on real results questions if they ask. I'm not sure how I feel about that. If I were a big spender I would maybe expect a little advice if I had a problem in the real results [no direct intervention though] but the fact that spending big is the primary decider on whether you can get that advice sticks in my throat a little."

PPC Shopping Sites
Source: High Rankings Forum - "I am gearing up my marketing plans for the holiday season. Like most of you, I have a limited budget for marketing related expenses. One of the services I would like to try this year is one of the 'shopping' directories. ...which would give me the best bang for my buck?"

FindWhat Announces Pay-Per-Call Ad Option
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "It's great to see the integration of online search with an offline sales or support mechanism. This certainly provides the user with a more interactive (human being) environment to gather information."

Keyphrase + Location
Source: High Rankings Forum - "...when looking for keyphrases does Google really look for those phrases as a whole in your text (and/or inlinks) or just the separate words within the phrase (even if they aren't right next to each other)?"

Sitemaps On The Homepage
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Is this helpful from an SEO perspective? Or, does it dilute link equity to every page? Is it spammy? From a navigational perspective, it could be useful for a user... But, I'm not convinced."

When Your Host Toasts Your Domains (Free Reg. Required)
Source: Webmaster World - "I have over 100 domains (belonging to clients and myself)hosted at what was perceived to be a good and reliable hosting company - however - suddenly every site on their server's is 'drying up' in Google..."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Your Company Name should be your biggest selling agent
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "When someone hears your company name, they should instantly know whether they might like to buy something from you. If they only caught the company name, then when they get home, they should easily be able to find your site with a single search on Google or Yahoo! Sounds easy? You'd be amazed at how many Company Names fail on those two counts."

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