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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-10-13

Hi Everyone,

What kind of insurance does a small business need? I have to admit it's not something I've given much thought to but this thread at our forum has me wondering.

My adventures with Google's AdWords system continue and now I've opened an account with Overture to start comparing the two. If you are interested in Overture, I found that you can get a $50 credit if you use this link through Yahoo!'s Small Business Center:

There was no credit offer that I could find going directly to, so it looks like the Yahoo! link is the way to go.

Have a great day!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
Source: Search Engine Guide - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.

Algo Update? Don't Panic
Source: Search Engine Guide - Most webmasters will remember last year's Florida Update which turned Google's rankings upside down for about eight weeks. The Florida Update was introduced on November 15, just six weeks before Christmas and at the start of the most important season for retailers. If Google does update it's algorithm in the next few weeks, another sudden round of "placement dislocation" may occur thus frustrating online retailers desperate for online Christmas sales.

Connecting with Customers through Search Market Research
Source: SearchDay - Want to learn to improve your customers' experience, pinpoint buyers' exact interests and reach prospects at every phase of the buying cycle? Look to your search logs to mine this crucial market research data.

New Tracking Data Reveals Marked Disparities In Paid Search Costs, Yield
Source: MediaDailyNews - Within the same period of time - the month of September - the average cost per click for a key word can index as low as 32 cents to as much as $3.17 depending on the advertising category, according to estimates from a new index being released by search marketing firm Fathom Online and MediaPost.

Higher Paid Search Rank Not Always Better, Study Says
Source: ClickZ - For example, at Google, ranks 8 through 10 for low volume keywords had about 30 percent higher conversion rates than the top ranking. While at Yahoo!'s Overture, low volume keywords showed sustained conversion rates across all top 10 ranks.

SEO Your PDF's
Source: Search Engine Guide - Why would anyone want to search engine optimize their PDF files? Well, if you had an eBook, brochure, product description or technical document in PDF format, you may wish to optimize these to pick up some extra search engine traffic.

Get Flash Sites Ranked in Search Engines
Source: ClickZ - If a site absolutely, positively must contain Flash, there are ways to get it indexed by the search engines. Warning: Proceed with extreme caution.

Filthy Linking Rich And Getting Richer!
Source: - ...what I want to do with this feature article is to try and highlight how great the bias is for high ranking pages which are fundamentally ordered on link based algorithms, to attract more links.

Advanced Match Bidding on Overture
Source: ClickZ - In Overture's system, standard match is always displayed first. Do your keyword expansion homework and use actual searches in your broad match to create new listings in Overture, and you can bid what you want, change creative, and very specifically manage a listing to your objectives.

Do you know about Overture’s Auto Settlement Policy?
Source: - "Overage charges," as they are being called, are accrued when an advertiser’s fixed budget runs out, but Overture still takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to pull the listings off its site and partner sites. Any charges that happen during that mysterious timeframe are now your responsibility, regardless of your fixed budget.

Contextual Ads: Vital to a Search Marketing Campaign?
Source: SearchDay - Are you bidding on keywords through Overture's Precision Match, Google's AdWords or another pay-for-placement service? If so, you're eligible to participate in their contextual advertising programs.

Thanks For Your Horrible Link Request
Source: Search Engine Watch - Key tip? Understand the site you are making the request from. What's it about? What's the best place for a link? How can you make this easy?

The Keyword Tools Trap
Source: Search Engine Guide - When it comes to keyword selection, clients always want to optimize for the highest searched terms (according to keyword research tools) and those alone. It takes some convincing to get them to go after lower search volume, but more relevant phrases. It's become a regular part of the cycle with my clients, especially those who are learning about SEO and the process of optimizing a site. Adds European Content to PPC Feed
Source: Search Engine Guide - will be using their TrafficAnalystSM system to determine the origin of a Web site’s visitor so that they can display geographically targeted advertisements to users.

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Search Engine Books & Services (Classifieds)

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Block Analysis 101
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "...Orion explains block-level analysis in simpler terms, and asks how it may change optimization practices and link building theories."

Exit Page Statistics Query
Source: Cre8asite - "Look at your referral logs to see what phrases people are using to arrive at your homepage. Think about their likely motives in making those searches, and then think whether those were properly targeted leads for you, or if you need to make your listings more accurately pre-qualify your visitors in order to prevent negative reactions or false hope visits."

Filthy Linking Rich
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "It brings up the theory that popular sites will continue to get more popular and attract new links while new sites will find it increasingly difficult to pick up any links and gain any sort of popularity. He moves on to say that it causes new sites that may have a wealth of information to be missed off of a search engines radar."

Link Building With Affiliate Programs -- Does it Work?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "Does link building with affiliate programs work? If so, does anyone know of any affiliate tracking software that is particularly useful for link building campaigns?"

Moving to a New Host - Any Issues With SEO?
Source: Best Practices Forums - "We are about to change hosting companies for our website. What should we avoid and be careful of so as to not lose our standings in the search engines?"

Conversion Tracking Kills Headlines (Free Reg. Required)
Source: Webmaster World - "The effects on AW advertisers is profound: Those who start using G's conversion tracking will see their CTR and campaign effectiveness decline, even as impressions remain at normal levels. This will affect their ad's position and costs."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Need To Hire SEO
"Help. Our site,, is brand new and has very little Internet presence (I mean very little, close to zero). Need to hire SEO and not sure where to start, how to evaluate, etc. What are the price ranges typically for various types of services and how does one determine, as a beginner, what combination of SEO services are most needed?"

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