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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-12-08

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to keep my remarks short but don't miss the article "Search Strategies for the Holidays" listed first below. That is a really good article that will help you to be sure you have all of your bases covered in your paid search campaigns.

Forgive me for going off topic for a minute but my friend Lisa has put her crafting supplies store online and I wanted to give her a free plug. :-) You can check it our here:

Have a great day!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Search Strategies for the Holidays
Source: iMedia Connection - How can you make sure that you maximize your online sales this holiday season? One way to guarantee success is to make sure your paid search strategy is laser focused.

Even Blogs Need Keyword Research
Source: e-marketing-news - Effective keyword research for blogs requires clearly defining the blog's audience in advance of content creation. Before starting to develop the blog, you should have done some thinking about the audience: Who do you expect to read your blog? What do you expect them to get from it? What are your audience's "hot-button" keywords? Since most blogs are highly topical, they intrinsically have tightly controlled vocabularies.

Search for Some Perspective
Source: ClickZ - Think about search in the context of the entire online shopping experience. ... Once users leave search, take the journey with them, each step of the way through the consideration process. At the end, maybe you'll create a customer for life.

Yahoo Bolsters Local Search Business Listings
Source: SearchDay - Yahoo has quietly expanded its local business listings and rolled out a service that gives businesses control over their listings in Yahoo Local through a new paid inclusion program.

DoubleClick Says Black Friday Was Good For Search Marketing
Source: Search Engine Watch - DoubleClick has released figures relating to search marketing over the "Black Friday" post-Thanksgiving heavy shopping weekend that found traffic, conversions and spending was up among the search marketing campaigns it manages on behalf of clients.

Search Engines and the SEO Business
Source: ClickZ - Ask Jeeves and Lycos will now offer SEO services. Is it a conflict of interest or a natural evolution in search monetization?

Google CFO: Fraud a big threat
Source: CNNmoney - "I think something has to be done about this really, really quickly, because I think, potentially, it threatens our business model," Google Chief Financial Officer George Reyes said Wednesday.

Beyond Bid Management: Breaking Through the Search Volume Wall
Source: ClickZ - Want to get more sales or lead volume from search and still meet profit objectives? These strategies can break though the wall, delivering more volume and higher profits.

Shopping Search Around the World
Source: Search Engine Watch - Although U.S. based shopping search and product comparison services receive the lion's share of traffic, other services are emerging throughout the world that serve specific regions and countries with more localized information.

Is Google PageRank for Real?
Source: Search Engine Guide - Discussions have been taking place via forums and blogs this week debating the legitimacy of statements made by a variety of unofficial Google spokesmen and their comments on the accuracy of PageRank scores in the Google toolbar.

The Definitive Secret to SEO Revealed
Source: Virtual Promote Gazette - I don't much go in for hype, and heaven knows the title to this article smacks badly of it, but I honestly believe the title is nonetheless accurate. There really is a Secret to SEO. And I'm going to tell you what it is.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Yahoo! Local Listings - New Program
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "As for the upgrade to the enhanced listing, for $10 a month, it's certainly worth a short test run. Depending on the market, it's hard to say if anyone would actually find and click on the links (which may be why Yahoo! isn't imposing a per-click fee along with the monthly fee...they know that the traffic just isn't there yet.)"

Google AdWords - Top position? Impossible?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "I am trying to get to the top spot in Adwords. Not just the listings on the right but the top above the regular listings (the part that used to be premium). It seems that whatever I do I cannot get there. My competition does though."

Google Listing Domain with % 20
Source: Webmaster World - "I have been through this myself, and the cause was hyperlinks pointing to the site with a space in the url. Don't dismiss this so easily, it is the most likely cause of the issue you are facing."

Data providers: the engine that drives local search
Source: Webmaster World - "When is the last time you checked the accuracy of your, or your clients, infoUSA and Acxiom data? When is the last time you gave your data a boost? "

Confessions of a White Hat Content Spammer: What I've Learned by Ignoring Google
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - " can eventually increase your sites' income three-fold - simply by thinking about how the people in a particular market shop, how they search, and by trying to meet their needs - by creating more pages with content relevant to what and how they would be looking and shopping if we were in their shoes."

Google Lowering Their Minimum Cost Per Click?
Source: High Rankings Forum - "I noticed an ad group for a client has an average cost per click of $0.03 today. It's only that low for the content targeted images. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I'm wondering if I'm the only person seeing this."

Let's Test Hijacking A Google Listing
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "...GoogleGuy says that while he hears of reports of this as a big problem, no one gives him examples. So what this thread hopefully will do is provide a public example that harms no one and demonstrates for all whether there's indeed a problem that needs to be fixed or not."

Internet Searches Getting Re-directed
Source: Cre8asite - "If you notice trouble getting to search sites or getting to some Internet sites or getting to the Internet at all, this is one more area to look at while debugging..."

Shopping Search Arrives as an Important Vertical
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "According to market research firm Hitwise, the market share of visits to the top comparison shopping sites increased by 22% this year, taking this market share directly from the major general purpose search engines."

Words Going "In Trial" with good CTR's
Source: Webmaster World - "Keywords can go to 'in trial' or 'on hold' status immediately, with no impressions at all - based on the past history of the keyword since the inception of AdWords, and the advertisers own history. This is an expected behavior, and is not a bug."

Is Having A Yahoo Directory Listing A Hindrance?
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Outside of the expense of $300/year, could someone please explain why having a yahoo directory listing would be a hindrance?"

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Yahoo! Local Listings - New Program
As for the upgrade to the enhanced listing, for $10 a month, it's certainly worth a short test run. Depending on the market, it's hard to say if anyone would actually find and click on the links (which may be why Yahoo! isn't imposing a per-click fee along with the monthly fee...they know that the traffic just isn't there yet).

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