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Weekly Newsletter - 2004-12-15

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is just around the corner so there will be no newsletter next week. I plan to work a little bit next week and goof off the rest of the time. Hopefully you'll take some time to goof off as well. :-)

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I'll see you in two weeks!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Latest Version of ClickTracks Includes E-mail Marketing and Geographical Data
Source: Search Engine Guide - ClickTracks Version 5.2 integrates e-mail marketing metrics, exit tracking and geographical data to the list of features currently tracked by ClickTracks.

Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
Source: Search Engine Guide - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.

Generic Search Terms Drive Most Buying
Source: ClickZ - Conventional search marketing wisdom holds that searchers are more likely to use brand- or product-specific keywords as they grow closer to making a purchase, but the study finds that 83 percent of consumers start their search process with a generic term and only a relatively small percentage later refine their searches with a product-specific query.

All Roads Lead Online: Convergence and the Future of Advertising
Source: Search Engine Guide - As media converge online, the distinctions between various forms of advertising will disappear. Branding and direct, electronic and print, it will all become part of one seamless marketing continuum online.

Shooting the Breeze with Ammon Johns
Source: Search Engine Roundtable - Google in 2001 had about 50 PhDs, now they have about the same number of PhDs but their company, product range, their index, the search base has all grown exponentially. How can the same number of PhDs support the much larger Google?

Eight Months of Click Fraud in Oregon
Source: ClickZ - "I recognize three aspects to click fraud nowadays," Squire said. "It's bigger than most people realize. It's hard for your average person to understand. And, for larger advertisers at least, it's easy to ignore. But for local advertisers like Hendison, the difference between being cash flow positive versus negative could be the result of a single individual attempting to defraud them..."

Search-Engine Ready Corporate Communications
Source: ClickZ - Media coverage leaves a trail of breadcrumbs. Do you know which ones search engines can follow?

Hot Search Engine Strategies in Cold Chicago
Source: - "Search as we know it will evolve. People will no longer go to Google just to search for Web pages," said Andy Beal, vice president of search marketing for WebSourced, a Morrisville, N.C., search engine optimization company. Instead, they may use a mix of specialized search services, subscription-based access to proprietary content and desktop tools.

PPC Search Copywriting Strategies, Part 1
Source: ClickZ - Copywriting best practices vary by engine and sometimes by industry. Here are some of the most universal PPC copy guidelines. First of a two-part series.

Alexa Rankings
Source: Search Engine Guide - I have to admit that I like the comparison feature at the Alexa site where you can stack up a few different URLs in related markets and compare their traffic. I don't put much stock in the actual numbers...

Report: Agencies Control Most Search Money
Source: ClickZ - Before this shift, most of the money went directly to search engines from marketers. Today, agencies account for 51 percent of the total spending on paid search -- a significant increase over the past 18 months, said JupiterResearch analyst Nate Elliott.

From the Diary of a Corporate SEM Manager
Source: ClickZ - Search Engine Strategies events, search engine spam and shams, and the need for SEM managers in corporate America.

Google Testing Animated GIF Ads
Source: ClickZ - The new animated ads will appear on the Web sites of AdSense publishers who have opted-in to display image advertisements, and won't be displayed on

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

CAPITAL Letters in Google Description?
Source: Virtual Promote Forums - "Can I capitalize some letters in the description to draw the userís eye? Specifically I want to stick the word 'INEXPENSIVE' in there. Does Google get upset about the use of capital letters or descriptive terms...?"

Live from SES Chicago 2004
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "Come get the roundups to sessions covered by Moderators and Members live from Search Engine Strategies in Chicago."

Why Is Frequent Spidering Important?
Source: High Rankings Forum - "If your page is in the index already and you haven't changed it, it doesn't matter when then next spider visit is! Or am I missing something? Is there some other value to getting your site crawled that has nothing to do with new content?"

User Reviews and Local Search Optimization (Free Reg. Required)
Source: Webmaster World - "Did you know that the user can sort Yahoo! local search results on the basis of user reviews? When we think of traditional SEO we think of on-site and off-site optimization. In the world of local Seo, user reviews are a critical factor of (sorted) rank, and therefor a concentration of local search optimizers."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Internet Yellow Pages?
I was wondering if any of you have tried advertising in Internet yellow pages? Is it worth it?

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