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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-01-19

Hi Everyone,

The new MSN Search has been rolling out of beta and should be live for most readers at Sounds like a good time to bring up a discussion that was started in our forum: Microsoft Is Now a Player in Search. So, what do you think of the new MSN search? Jump in and share your thoughts.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News Partners With New Vertical PPC Search Engine In Outdoor Industry
Source: Press Release - today announced that it has increased its on-topic keyword search capabilities for advertisers in the outdoor industry, through a partnership with GunMuse Outdoors, an industry-specific PPC search engine.

Businesses Must Target More Than Just Google
Source: Search Engine Guide - The days of simply worrying about gaining a strong ranking in Google, sometimes at the expense of rankings in other engines, are long gone. Companies need to focus on building a strong organic and PPC presence on all of the top engines, or risk alienating a large portion of their potential audience.

Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
Source: Search Engine Guide - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.

Online Ads & Search: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Source: SearchDay - Paid search led the resurgence of online advertising in 2004 with a 34% increase in growth, and this trend is expected to continue over the coming five years.

Google's Aging Delay for New Sites
Source: Search Engine Guide - If you have a brand new site, stop driving yourself nuts wondering what you are doing wrong! Stop tweaking and changing things, trying to influence your rankings; until the site has been in the index a while, it doesn't seem to matter what you do to it.

Dealing With Google's New Affiliate-Linking Policy
Source: ClickZ - How does Google's new affiliate link policy affect you?

More Seth Godin Cluelessness On Search Marketing
Source: Search Engine Watch - Search is so obviously huge media outlet. Geez, search engines have been among the top web sites people have used since, well, back when Godin used to work for Yahoo! It's like saying millions of people watch TV each day -- but do you think there's a TV industry? Do you think TV might be some brand new form of effective media?

Hundreds of retailers spend $50K-plus a month on paid search, SEM firm says
Source: - Paid search just keeps getting more popular with online marketers. Approximately 350 to 500 U.S. retailers are now each spending $50,000 or more per month on pay-per-click, paid-search programs, in keyword campaigns that represent anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 words each, estimates search engine marketing provider Efficient Frontier Inc.

Advertisers on Google are told to keep it proper
Source: - Taking the stance that unorthodox usage and punctuation and slang create a less straightforward searching experience, Google's AdWords division, which is responsible for the contextual ads that appear alongside search results, insists on standard English and punctilious punctuation.

Let's Talk About Links
Source: Search Engine Guide - It's important for your website to be a good member of the internet community, which means both linking to other websites as well as having links to your website from other websites.

Even Small Businesses Can Gain Valuable Search Traffic
Source: Search Engine Guide - Yes, there may be gazillions of sites competing for the search phrases related to your client's site, but that's what keyword research is for. What you want to do is carefully research your client's niche, then find the hundreds of phrases that people are using to search for their products or services.

Oneupweb Unveils New ROI Tool for Search
Source: ClickZ - The application, called ROI trax Version 4, delivers detailed reports on the performance of individual ads and keywords, as well as entire campaigns, whether they employ banner ads, e-mail blasts or offline ads, so long as they have an online component.

Icrossing: Parlez Vous SEM?
Source: ClickZ - New York-based search engine marketing (SEM) agency icrossing has teamed with to develop multilingual SEM solutions.

Affiliate Marketers Confront Chillier Google Policy
Source: MediaDailyNews - While the new policy--which limits ads to one per merchant site--has only been in effect for about a week, it seems that affiliate marketers were prepared for the move.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Businesses Must Target More Than Just Google
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "Yahoo! has been a major player with their own engine for a while radically did your search marketing efforts change when they entered the market? Are you still doing anything differently to make sure you are targeting both Google and Yahoo? Microsoft should be fully entered in the playing field by sometime later this year. What are you doing to make sure your site/business has a presence in the Microsoft search results?"

Referral ID Strings and Referrer Info
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "Referral tracking is becoming an ever harder game with the growing obsession about (and misidentification of) spyware. A growing number of applications and plug-ins strip referrer info from HTTP headers sent by browsers, making the HTTP referrer less accurate by the day."

Delete Links So Links Will Be Only 1 Way?
Source: High Rankings Forum - "In the past, swapping links was about building partnerships and spreading your reach within a specific topic or industry. Now, with all the information and MIS-information floating around it's been given a bad name and thought to be less effective. To bad too. Building professional partnerships is one of the most secure and solid ways to promote your business and build a good reputation."

7 Steps To Identifying Click Fraud
Source: Webmaster World - "..had 6000 clicks before 12:30 eastern on a term that received 61 clicks yesterday. I wanted to run down with everyone the steps we took to identify it, in case some people are curious as to how you catch it."

We are seeing a rollout of MSN new search
Source: Webmaster World - "If bugs are fixed, we will see it full time this weekend. Only the announcement and press blitz will come on the first."

Search Engine Spread, Google vs MSN vs Yahoo
Source: High Rankings Forum - "I've always felt that we did not get enough traffic from MSN, and it seems no matter what I do, it never improves. ...This really bothers me when I think about every computer being sold in the world pretty much has MSN as the default search engine."

How To Get Inbound Links For An E-commerce Site
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Ask your suppliers to link to you. Place a link request in all confirmation/thank you/shipping notificiation etc emails. These notifications are going to businesses/people who have purchased a product from you so they already like what you're offering. Ask them for a link when they're at their happiest with you!"

MSN Search Out of Beta Feb. 1
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "I was told by a high level Microsoft employee that the beta search will go live on Feb 1. He also informed me that advertising on MSN will continue to be the two featured listings at the top and the Overture results through the end of the year."

Duplicate Content Penalty Timespan
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "A dup penalty timespan is based on your offense. 1st Offense: 30 days, 2nd Offense: 60 days, 3rd Offense: 90 days..."

Fixing IE security risk blocks AdSense
Source: Webmaster World - "I just tried it myself, and setting the Internet security setting to HIGH does block AdSense. It completely blocks it, and the space the ad would normally occupy vanishes."

Can using htaccess cause SE to not count visitors?
Source: Virtual Promote Forums - "... is there some way using htaccess itself could be causing this major discrepancy [in reported traffic]? Also, if in fact that is the case does Google perhaps not count both impressions and clicks due to this issue?"

Desktop search from Yahoo!
Source: Webmaster World - "The out of box experience has been pretty good so far. Looks like this might be the one we've been waiting for . I really like the indexing options."

A Few Notes on AdSense Stats
Source: Webmaster World - "...the closest you can get to a serious analysis of your figures is to look at them over the course of several days/weeks/months (and preferably excluding the last few days from your analysis). One method used to great effect by some members here is the rolling average..."

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From the Small Business Brief...
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Direct Mailing Advice
"I was hoping someone with direct marketing experience could give me some advice or pointers on my mailer, it's design, layout, content..."

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