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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-01-26

Hi Everyone,

It's been another interesting week full of changes.. The new nofollow link attribute designed to reduce spam creates the need to more closely monitor your link partners to be sure they are still playing fair. Read "New No Follow Attribute Could Impact Link Campaigns" to get up to date on that.

Plus, Google is planning to make changes to give advertisers greater control over their campaigns. Any hope for the ability to choose the sites your ads appear on? Probably not, but we'll see what they come up with.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

A Search Engine Optimizer's New Year's Resolutions
Source: Search Engine Guide - If you want to do well with your web site, stick to these resolutions and before you know it the traffic (and the sales) will roll in smoothly, just like the New Year.

Adding Value to AdWords Advertising
Source: Search Engine Guide - Starting this week, Google appears to be taking steps to radically improve their relationship with their clients by offering advertisers more control over their AdWords campaigns.

Google and Overture in Contextual Conundrum
Source: Search Engine Guide - As long as Google, Yahoo and the web community at large can produce virtual real-estate, there will always be room to plant virtual billboards.

Integrating Search with Other Marketing
Source: SearchDay - Search marketing is still 'stand-alone,' existing largely outside of the traditional marketing mix, but this must change, to address the needs of consumers who are increasingly turning to search to make all types of buying decisions.

Keywords: Speak Your Audience's Language
Source: ClickZ - It's amazing how many marketers fixate on their site's HTML, believing that's where solutions to their search engine marketing (SEM) challenges are found. But they're looking inward when they need to be looking outward.

Planning Ahead for an Effective Redesign
Source: Search Engine Guide - Donít just think about the new colors and graphics, be aware of how the new page structure will impact your search rankings, bookmarks, and inbound links. There are many ways to overcome problems, and the goal is to plan for any problems in advance.

Compare and Contrast: SEM and SEO
Source: ClickZ - The two search marketing disciplines differ -- and they're set to diverge even more.

AOL Expands Advertising Opportunities for Local Businesses
Source: Search Engine Guide - A new advertising format soon to be offered by AOL opens up a world of opportunities for small businesses that have not yet had a chance to build a Web site, or that have difficulty tracking the ROI of a traditional PPC campaign.

What's Acceptable Search Engine "Spam" Technique?
Source: - While there are certainly some shady practices that you can use to "cheat" your way into a better page rank from search engines, some practices that are marked as "spam" can actually be quite innocent. Dave Taylor provides two examples of perfectly innocent web design elements that have been called "spam" by pagerank purists. (Link via Jill Whalen)

Google to provide AdWords API to Advertisers
Source: - Google is about to announce technology that will allow its advertisers unprecedented levels of control over when, where, and who can view their advertising on Google search pages and those of Google partner web sites.

The Scourge of Click Fraud
Source: - In the case of a Topic Spike though, there is often a news story, Internet rumor, or some other discussion going on that involves your term. Active and aggressive fraudsters will pick up on this and use the timing as an opportunity to assault your campaign.

New No Follow Attribute Could Impact Link Campaigns
Source: Search Engine Guide - There are some pros and cons to this new attribute and search engine marketers need to think about how it might impact their marketing efforts.

Dispelling Common SEO Myths
Source: Search Engine Guide - When I first read Pat's email and questions, I almost thought it was a joke email, because it was as if Pat had found every SEO myth ever discussed, and then asked me about them!

SEO : Sleepwalking Ever Onwards?
Source: Search Engine Guide - I believe that by continuing to condone black hat techniques the SEO industry is setting itself up for failure and sleepwalking into oblivion.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Google Adds Video Search
Source: Webmaster World - "So where's the video in this 'video search' stuff?"

Google Loses Trademark Dispute In France
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Choice is good for the consumer. In the long run, no one wins by restricting that choice."

Google Now Allows More Than 10 Words Per Query
Source: Webmaster World - "...this will be very useful for webmasters, academics and school teachers -- anyone trying to research quotation of specific passages, potential plagarism, etc."

How Do You Compare Which Adword Converts Best?
Source: Virtual Promote Forums - "Say you've got 1 product page and 4 adwords each leading to this product. How do you track which adword is converting best?"

AOL Expands Advertising Opportunities for Local Businesses
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "Searchers are presented with text ads designed to match certain keyword queries, but rather than click on the ad to view a company's Web site, they are given a phone number to call to contact the company."

AOL Search Moves Up to the Big Leagues
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "AOL's recent moves leave me with a sense of deja vu: Yahoo rolled out a similar series of enhancements just about a year before dropping Google as their web search provider. While AOL insists that its quite happy with the existing relationship, Yahoo said the same thing right up until the day they launched their own technology. Could history be repeating (or at least echoing)?"

How to Come Up With Ideas for New Quality Content
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "...even if you aren't the best writer in the word, you can still use these ideas to come up with your titles and hire out the content writing to someone who does write for a living. And if you are feeling really adventurous, write them yourself then hire a copywriter to polish them up when youíre done."

Google's New "Nofollow" Attribute
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "Everyone also seems to think that the search engines are embracing this as a means to stop comment spam. That's not the case at all. Trust me, the motives are selfish. They are supporting the attribute because it'll reduce (even if only by a miniscule amount at this early stage) the amount of spam in their own SERPs [search engine results pages], not the amount of spam on the web."

Organizing a Multi-Language Site
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "I have to build a site that is presented in English, German and Bulgarian. And maybe soon it will contain Spanish and French. So my question is how to do that?"

The New Nofollow Link Attribute
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "It won't solve the problem here, there or anywhere -- but it might deter it."

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From the Small Business Brief...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Operating My Own Pool Business Part Time
I realize that word of mouth is the best kind of advertising because it's free, but i am looking for a way to "jump start" it. I feel that once enough people experience what I have to offer, that I will get many referrals. Some ideas I have considered are direct mail, newspaper ads, yellow pages, and local swapsheet/yankee trader type publications...

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