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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-02-09

Hi Everyone,

Ask Jeeves has acknowledged the importance of news feeds, blogs, etc. with their acquisition of Bloglines (a site that allows you to easily find and subscribe to news feeds). Yahoo!, MSN, and others have also launched services that help site owners make their feeds more easily found. If this is all new to you, or if you already understand the importance of using these tools to reach your customers, you'll enjoy the conversations and information sharing on this topic that occur at our forum. It's a great place to get up to speed and share what you know with others.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

How To Play In Google's Sandbox
Source: Search Engine Guide - Now that we have come to the conclusion that this sandbox, aging filter or whatever you want to call it, actually seems to exist, what can one do that has been affected by it?

How to Waste $2.4 Million Dollars in 30 Seconds or Less
Source: SearchViews - While it may not have been the most relaxing or exciting way to watch the Big Game, if you spent a majority of Sunday night's Super Bowl at your computer, typing in brand and product names the way we did, you probably realized that a lot of companies still have a loooong way to go when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

Search Industry Update
Source: iMedia Connection - What has more charts and graphs than Keith Richardsí medical file? Why an eMarketer search engine marketing report of course.

Report: Most Search Marketers are Unsophisticated
Source: SearchDay - The majority of search marketers are unsophisticated, despite having worked in the field for two or more years, according to a study by JupiterResearch.

Nonconverting Keywords and the Search Continuum, Part 1
Source: ClickZ - Searchers who ultimately purchased a product online conducted some 13 searches before ever making the purchase. This means that for every single converting search term, there were 12 prior nonconverting searches -- searches that today, most PPC search advertisers would never consider bidding on due to poor post-click conversion performance. The implication is nonconverting terms have a greater value than search marketers currently ascribe to them.

Lobbying for Your Search Marketing Budget
Source: SearchDay - Total marketing spend is not growing at most companies, and marketers are working hard for every part of their budget. To accommodate new ideas, most have to reallocate money from other programs, going through a justification and lobbying process that can seem more like high level diplomacy than marketing.

Search Engine APIs: Right for You?
Source: ClickZ - It's great the engines recognize that when billions of dollars a year flow through an auction marketplace, automated control APIs are a necessity, as they are on Wall Street. But like Wall Street, technology alone won't make you a millionaire. The right strategy, information, calculations, timing, and knowledge combine with technology to create winners.

Clicks add up to big ad dollars for search sites
Source: - The fact that Eli Lilly, Napster, Novartis and Staples are among Super Bowl advertisers that are also regulars on Google is not the only evidence that Web advertising has come of age.

Googling the Bottom Line
Source: Wired - How much is it worth to a company's bottom line to place near the top of Google's search rankings?

Local Search: Advantage, Google
Source: Traffick - Starting today, Google has begun making all Google Search users aware of the Google Local offering by putting a link to it on the Google Search homepage, with a red "new" notation. This will lead, in my view, to rapid user uptake of local search; perhaps more rapid than many of us expected.

Keyword Price Dip Reveals Seasonal and Industry-Specific Volatility
Source: ClickZ - Keyword prices dropped an average of 3 percent in January after the end of the 2004 holiday shopping season, but prices in certain vertical categories fluctuated even more dramatically. That's according to search engine marketing (SEM) firm Fathom Online's study of keyword pricing in nine industries. Introduces Auction Style PPC Bidding
Source: Search Engine Guide - announced today that they plan to add an auction style component to their pay-per-click advertising program. The move will allow advertisers to have more control over how and where their contextual ads are placed in the network.

Stupid Search Marketing Tricks
Source: iMedia Connection - While search listings and marketing programs can be encouraged or forced to get smart, human nature will continue to prevail. That is, reaching out to people who canít spell, think differently, or search irresponsibly can lead to big dividends if you do it right, but in order to effectively hunt and capture the stupid people you must first learn to think like your prey.

Personalized Search
Source: iMedia Connection - Personalized search is the fine-tuning of search results and advertising based on an individualís preferences, demographic information and other factors. Presumably, the better a search engine understands a userís interests and preferences, the better able it is to target search results, advertising, sponsored links, etc.

Google seeks more marketers
Source: - The search engine recently introduced an affiliate program that pays $20 to any Web site for referring a new advertiser or publishing partner.

The click, the fraud and the ugly side of search
Source: netimperative - Victim of click fraud? Only analytics can save us now, writes Mike Grehan

Meet the Local Search Engines
Source: SearchDay - Local search has been hot over the past year, with the major search engines jostling for eyeballs, offering new features for both searchers and advertisers alike.

Corporate SEO Implementation: From the Inside Out
Source: ClickZ - Bottom line: The smaller the organization, the more streamlined the SEO implementation; the larger the organization, the more complicated the process.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Ask Jeeves Acquires Bloglines
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "...this is a big move for Jeeves. They have been hanging with the pack in terms of innovation, but this move can actually give them a competitive edge - and market share - in a hugely important growth area."

Bored With SEO
Source: High Rankings Forum - "I am amazed at the number of people I have talked to in the last 6 months or so who have said they are losing interest in SEO. Why is that?"

GoogleFox or FireBot?
Source: Webmaster World - "Ultimately, what Google is building is a leading edge insight into the human experience of Cyberspace. No one else can compare to the mass of data Google has available for synthesis. Q: One share of google stock? A: $204 today. Q: Knowing how, when, where, and why people surf? A: Priceless."

Little by Little or All at Once?
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "I know I've got to update my web site. And, that the update will be extensive. So, do I make small changes over a period of many weeks or do I do one massive change overnight?"

"I'm Kinda Busy, Can You Send Me An Email?"
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Anybody ever hear this alot when they're talking on the phone with a future prospect before you even get to say anything? What information do you send to them and what do you say in the email?"

Turning AdWords On/Off
Source: Virtual Promote Forums - "There is a client that wants to have all of their ads shut off at 8pm and re-start at 7am every day. They also want it off during another hour in the middle of the day. I know google does not have an automatic on/off to do this, but is there software that will accomplish this...?"

Yahoo Testing Contextual Search Tool
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "Since Google recently made it past the 10 word query mark with a new limit of 32, I think Yahoo! still has them beat with this. Not only can you seemingly paste as much text as you like into the query box and get very excellent results, but you can also deselect terms that you find not relevant to your topic with a simple click."

Google Update
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "I'll warn you now - if you're not varying your anchor text, and you're not writing pages synonymous with your term that don't contain the term you're targeting, you're going to be in a world of hurt within the next 90 days."

Adsense Performance
Source: Webmaster World - "This does seem to be a little different than the typical whiny complaint about epc [earnings per click]---more systemic in nature and more egregious regarding epc slump. And, after checking my own site, I see that targeting is not where it was Monday."

Does Adsense Help With Link Building?
Source: High Rankings Forum - "While checking backlinks lately, I notice several instances where my Google Adwords copy has been indexed on various sites who are Adsense members. Do these links carry the same weight as an organic link from the site or does Google know they're the ones generating the code, thus discounting or completely disallowing it?"

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