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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-02-16

Hi Everyone,

Jennifer Laycock, our Editor, has been working hard lining up new writers for Search Engine Guide so expect to see some new faces in the coming months. If you would like to contribute articles, feel free to contact Jennifer via email: jennifer at Even if you've sent email to me about this in the past (I'm not always the best when it comes to email responses :-) be sure and contact Jennifer.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Why Search Engine Marketing Has A Passion for Web Site Usability
Source: Search Engine Guide - Believe it or not, search engines and user centered web design have a common goal. They want to provide the best experience for their web site visitor. Even better, they want that experience to be productive, satisfying and memorable.

New Study Explores how Search Engine Use Impacts Purchases
Source: Search Engine Guide - Half of online purchases are preceded by product related searches according to a study released this week by DoubleClick and comScore Networks.

More lawsuits against publishers to come?
Source: JenSense - As an advertiser, this means that less of my advertising budget will be going to pad the pockets of click fraud artists, and more will be going to true visitor clicks with the potential for conversions.

Avoiding Search Engine Woes with Multiple Domains and Websites
Source: SearchDay - Operating multiple sites using numerous domains is a great strategy for businesses appealing to a wide range of customers. But this approach may trigger search engine spam penalties, if you're not careful with implementation.

Local Search Marketing Tactics
Source: SearchDay - It's tempting to think of local search as merely a subset of a broader search marketing campaign, but best results come with tactics specifically tailored to the uniquely nuanced needs of searchers looking for local information and services.

SEM and Site Usability
Source: ClickZ - Usability and search friendliness go hand in hand. If products and services are easy to find, and the Web site easy to use (resulting in higher conversions), the site should easily maintain high-quality search engine traffic. Yet many search engine marketing (SEM) firms offering search-engine-friendly design don't have staff trained, certified, or experienced in Web site usability.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization Explained
Source: Search Engine Guide - A range of strategies and tactics are available in order to perform search engine optimization. "Ethical SEO" applies to SEO techniques, not to individual SEO practitioners. It's important to make this distinction between people and techniques.

Keywords For Ad Buyers: Pay Up
Source: BusinessWeek - E-Tailers also are researching how visitors navigate their sites and are working to better convert them into long-term customers. One way: customizing the e-tailer's "landing page"' -- where the searcher is first directed -- to a specific keyword. That makes it easier for a customer to get the info she wants and more likely that she will buy.

Yahoo! Buzz Index Sheds Light on Local Search
Source: Search Engine Guide - According to Yahoo!, major chain stores dominate the top search queries in their Yahoo! Yellow Pages. Also, more searches for the term "yellow pages" are performed during the week than on weekends.

SEO: The Good, the Tough & the Profitable
Source: iMedia Connection - While the results of paid placement are instantly gratifying, the timing to see your efforts in SEO is much longer. A diversified search engine marketing plan can help by gaining instant results from paid placement and -- to a lesser extent -- paid inclusion, while concurrently allowing for longer-term benefits from SEO.

Web Standards vs. Search Friendly Sites: Can You Have Both?
Source: SearchDay - Web designers don't understand search optimization, and search marketers are clueless about usability and style—at least according to conventional wisdom. The good news is, those attitudes are slowly starting to change.

Holistic Search Marketing – Organic and PPC
Source: Search Engine Guide - Adopting a strategy which combines Organic placements with PPC advertising, large websites receive more visitors, gain increased credibility through multiple references on a SERP, and generally make more sales.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions
Source: Search Engine Guide - Jill tackles some of the most frequently asked questions about Google, organic optimization, keywords and developing great content.

Study Demonstrates Impact of Ranking on Search Engine Traffic
Source: Search Engine Guide - It's important for businesses to realize that long term organic optimization isn't simply about buying traffic, it's about building an online presence.

Surveying the Search Landscape
Source: SearchDay - Danny Sullivan's keynote address at Search Engine Strategies has become a must-see event for conference attendees. At the Chicago conference he took the opportunity to look back over the year's search engine events and gaze into his crystal ball toward the future.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Why Search Engine Marketing Has A Passion for Web Site Usability
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "Usability isn't just ease of use. It's the whole user experience. A persuasive design anticipates users needs, and provides responses to those needs, and helps search engines deliver relevant answers to people's questions."

Web Standards Vs. Search-Friendly Sites
Source: High Rankings Forum - "It always surprises me to learn that not more SEOs integrate SEO methodology with user behaviour. I have spoken with a few people in the industry and all look at me wide eyed when I tell them to use user behaviour to adapt their SEO strategy to gain more conversions."

MSN Optimisation
Source: Best Practices Forums - "I was just curious if it was likely that IIS sites were being given a slight edge by some sort of IIS indexing extension."

How To Play In Google's Sandbox
Source: Small Business Ideas Forum - "Now that we have come to the conclusion that this sandbox, aging filter or whatever you want to call it, actually seems to exist, what can one do that has been affected by it?"

Tripping the Duplicate Content Filter
Source: Cre8asite Forum - "...I noticed a couple of days ago that the front page of the blog no longer appears for that search, and seems to have been replaced by a bloglines display feed of the page, which shows the first 255 characters of each of the last twenty entries."

New Google Maps
Source: High Rankings Forum - "That they figured out how to encompass so many different ways of mapping something and make it so effortless is amazing."

The case of Google and the Disappearing Employee
Source: Webmaster World - "Yeah...that's definitely someone I'd trust to have on my staff....every piece of dirty laundry in jeopardy. His best bet is to find some obscure company that (hopefully) hasn't gotten wind of his big mouth. Other than that....I hear a career in fast food can be very rewarding."

Does Yahoo Sandbox?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "...the sandboxing that exists is strictly a Google phenomenon and has nothing to do with Yahoo. With Yahoo and other engines it's simply a matter of their crawling and updating schedules and frequencies so it takes a little while to see."

Links Can Now Penalise?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "Is there an argument to be made that Google has assigned some form of negative value to links?"

Term Weight Formula
Source: High Rankings Forum - "If you don't know how different types of hits (heading, bold, hyperlink, etc.) are weighted in the algorithm then you don't know what you've really got there anyway. Since this part of the algorithm may very well be query-dependent, you may as well rely on averages as any other guess."

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Are We Safe with Google?
"Truly, the Internet though beneficial, also presents many opportunities for being robbed too."

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