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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-02-23

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all who sent in ideas for this newsletter. Jennifer, our editor, is in the process of plowing through them and will be able to use quite a few.

Along those same lines, let me ask another question this week. You know that we publish this weekly search engine marketing newsletter. If you look at this week's ad, you'll see that we also publish a weekly small business newsletter using the same format. Is there a separate weekly newsletter you would like to see published? Perhaps on technology, or business bargains, or whatever? Just let me know.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

What You Can Learn About SEO Copywriting From Infomercials
Search Engine Guide - No need to reinvent the wheel; infomercials sell millions of dollars of products a year. The formula works! It can be easily adapted to your website copy, regardless of whether you sell products or services.

Why You're Missing Out on Hundreds of Visitors If You Aren't Podcasting
Search Engine Guide - Not everyone is a great writer. But just about everyone can talk -- or get someone else to talk for them. So here are three reasons why you need to figure out how to have an audio-enabled site today.

Tricky Techniques That Aren't Needed
Search Engine Guide - Search engine optimization may seem like some sort of black magic to those who don't understand it. It's very difficult to figure out the best strategy when you can't even figure out which articles or websites you can trust.

Pay-Per-Call: A New Avenue for Search Marketers
SearchDay - Local search in the U.S. is hot, but nearly 14 million companies—most of them small-to-medium sized businesses—are missing the local search marketing revolution because they don't have a web site.

Incoming Links Aren't Hard to Come By With the Right Content
Search Engine Guide - There's been a lot of talk over the past six months about the dropping value of reciprocal links and the increased value of one-way links. Finding a way to gain those one-way incoming links can be tough, unless you put your imagination to work.

Utilizing Popular Directories as Free Link Resources
Search Engine Guide - Proposing link exchanges with other sites that have similar content to your own is a good idea, but the process can be terribly time consuming. So what else can you do?

Search Terms, Competition, and Keyword Metrics
SitePoint - Search engine marketing can be a very complicated business, folks. You can oversimplify it all you like... or you can make it a lot more complex than it needs to be. Either way, it all begins with search term strategy.

Getting an Education in Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Guide - The search marketing industry changes at such a fast pace that even if a university were to offer a degree in search marketing, the information they taught would be out of date before the graduate could even put it into practice.

The Content Providers: How Much To Bid for Traffic?
Search Engine Guide - While many articles have been written on Pay Per Click ROI calculations for ecommerce providers, very little has been written for the content providers. This article will focus on how a content provider can determine how much to bid when running a pay per click campaign.

Dallas/Fort Worth Texas SEM Group Celebrates 1st Anniversary
Search Engine Guide - The Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association is celebrating its first anniversary this month by holding its February meeting on Monday, February 21st, 2005 in North Dallas.

Small Business Approach to Integrated Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Guide - Search can no longer exist alone. Understand the dynamics of search, email, display media and your customers. Use your website as a valuable tool for understanding your customers and potential customers.

Click Fraud: What It Is, How to Fight It
ClickZ - There's a crisis brewing in this industry. Poor click quality has the potential to hit marketers hard and to negatively affect search engines. It manifests itself in many ways, including as network click fraud, competitive click fraud, and mislabeled traffic.

Dynamically Generated Pages and Query Strings
Source: Search Engine Guide - I have a dynamically generated site which places question marks and equal signs in the URL. Do I need to create static HTML pages in order to show up in the search engines?

Google Updates Cause Shifts in Rankings
Source: Search Engine Guide - Google is conducting a house cleaning stemming from what appears to be an algorithm update. For the past few days, Google's results have been bouncing, with placements moving up and down frequently.

Do Not Drop Your Web Site Off the Search Engine Cliff
Source: Search Engine Guide - Do not drop your web site over the search engine cliff without considering the usability effect. Design it to be productive and user centered. Remember your original requirements and goals and trace back every dollar you spend to meeting them.

Search Engine Showdown: Black Hats vs. White Hats at SES
Source: SearchDay - What does a 'hardcore search engine optimizer' look like? Does he wear a black hat? With little holes cut out in the top to allow for horns? Attendees at the 'Black Hat, White Hat, & Lots of Gray' session at Search Engine Strategies Chicago got to find out.

SEO Showdown: Real Results vs. the Straw Man
Source: SitePoint - I've seen SEO "consultants" claim that their top ranking for "guaranteed top placement money back seo consulting firm" was a demonstration of their great abilities, when in fact, nobody would ever search for that, or try to outrank them. Claiming top rankings for meaningless phrases is like the "straw man argument" in debate, so I refer to it as "Straw Man SEO."

Corporate SEM FAQ
Source: ClickZ - What you've always wanted to know about being, working with, or working for an in-house SEM specialist.

What, Exactly, is Search Engine Spam?
Source: SearchDay - There's a subtle boundary that separates acceptable search engine optimization practices from the shadier techniques used by spammers. How can you recognize the difference between white-hat and black-hat techniques?

Can Searchers Predict Oscar Gold?
Source: Search Engine Guide - If online search activity is any indicator of who will take home the Oscar later this month, then a little bit of online research can give you a heads up on the winners.

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Search Engine Books & Services (Classifieds)

Get a Free Account with TowerSearch
TowerSearch Guaranteed Top Positions without Paying for Every Click

Lower your Google AdWords click costs
How to save money and get more targeted visitors

Boost Your Website Traffic
Add Your URL to RLROUSE Directory.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Pay Per Call - The Other PPC
High Rankings Forum - "...I wonder if anyone here has any experience with this advertising model."

Little Guy Sued Over Generic Name Use
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Does anyone have any information on how enforceable demands like this are? Can a company really trademark generic names? Where is the case law? What kind of attorney, if any, does a person use for this type of case?"

Scraping the Engines
Search Engine Watch Forums - ""It has ALWAYS been a violation of Google's Terms of Usage to use automated tools, site scrapers, whatever to query their engine. And it is their site, so it's their privilege to limit anything they want however they want to. So how all of a sudden is anyone an innocent victim if they are not being allowed to?""

Quantity of IBLs the Only Linking Factor Search Engines Use?
Source: Search Engine Watch Forums - "My guesstimation is that, as time goes by, linking will be an even more important factor in many SERPs, and that this importance will be derived from new factors being added to the straight Link Pop and PageRank of search engine results pages from yesteryear."

"Hire" the Right Clients
Source: Cre8asite Forums - "If you work with people that you do not like, then you damage your own self esteem. It is better to eat bread bought with money you enjoyed earning, than eat cake bought with money you did not."

Keyword Themes And Google
Source: High Rankings Forum - "Does a site with only a few pages stand a chance in showing up in the top ten if there is a high PR, a lot of high-quality backlinks, and decent optimization but it has many less pages than top ranking Web sites are all huge portal/content sites?"

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If Rejection is Getting you Down: Read This
"To succeed in business, and life, we must continually take risks. Putting oneself on the line day after day can be extremely draining. The next time you face a disappointing situation, please remember these famous failures..."

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