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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-03-02

Hi Everyone,

My remarks will have to be short today but I'll leave you with a quick plug. I love tracking and stats programs because they really do make a huge difference in even the smallest marketing efforts. Anyway, I purchased an AdSense Tracking program to help increase our revenues. It was money well spent. If you generate revenue from having Google AdSense on your site, check out the AdSense Tracker. The stats it provides are fantastic - everything you wish Google provided but doesn't. It will even show you which AdSense ads your visitor click on.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough
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Search Engine Marketing News

Zen and the Art of PPC – A Five Step Holistic Approach
Search Engine Guide - By following these five simple steps, you can achieve a well balanced PPC campaign that will hum along for you in no time. The key is to balance all five principles equally, hence the Zen of PPC.

Keyword Research – The Core of Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Guide - Data for keywords and phrases changes based on competition and market need. As such, an excellent key phrase could easily become obsolete. Not staying on top of things could result in a decline in your search engine traffic.

Link Building in Light of VIsion-based Page Segmentation
Search Engine Guide - VIsion-based Page Segmentation is changing the way search engines parse link popularity and relevance. SEO consultant Andy Hagans explains how to incorporate block-level link analysis into a successful link building strategy.

Determining the Value of Links from Link Renting
Search Engine Guide - There is no singular one-size-fits-all way to directly assume the value of a link. Most effective marketing has risks associated with it, but you can minimize the risks and maximize your return by breaking the value of the link down into its elements.

How Click Fraud Affects Pay Per Click Advertisers
Search Engine Guide - My personal recommendation would be to carefully monitor your own traffic using a third party service. It's an added cost, but if you spend several hundreds per month on PPC advertising, it'll be worth it.

Thinking Like a Spider Helps Search Engines Rank Your Site
Search Engine Guide - The first rule is to write in a way that’s interesting to humans. Spiders come second. However, thinking like a spider can help you write better for humans. A spider is a great coach.

Search Engine Optimization for CEOs
Search Engine Guide - Search Engine Marketing has enormous potential to generate revenue because it actually has the ability to reach your potential buyer at the precise moment when the buyer is interested in and looking for your product.

Impression Spam Worries Google Advertisers
ClickZ - Google is on the lookout for "impression spam" but denies it poses a big threat to paid search advertisers. Advertisers and SEM firms beg to differ.

Research Supports Aggressive SEM and SEO
ClickZ - Two eye-opening studies indicate where marketers should direct search dollars and search metrics.

Search Marketing in 2005 - Adaptation Ensures Evolution
Search Engine Guide - The core temperature of the search engine sector is continuously growing warmer as interest in search-advertising increases.

Forecasting Paid Search Traffic
SearchDay - Despite the hype, being #1 in paid search results may not provide your company the desired bang for your marketing buck. Intelligently optimizing a paid search budget involves far more than setting random bid prices and guessing at returns.

Search Engine Submissions, Link Building and Keyword Rich Domains
Search Engine Guide - Jill Whalen answers frequently asked questions about search engine submission, link building and keyword rich domain names.

The Four Horsemen of Vertical Search
ClickZ - The study, "Vertical Search: Early Marketers Will Reap Rewards of Low Pricing," predicts that the paid search industry will evolve similarly to media markets like television and magazines: with broad-based engines spawning a host of vertical players devoted to specific categories.

Study: Paid search to continue climbing - Paid search is expected to grow faster than any other sector of online advertising, increasing from $2.6 billion in 2004 to $5.5 billion in 2009, according to a new study.

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Search Engine Books & Services (Classifieds)

Get a Free Account with TowerSearch
TowerSearch Guaranteed Top Positions without Paying for Every Click

Lower your Google AdWords click costs
How to save money and get more targeted visitors

Boost Your Website Traffic
Add Your URL to RLROUSE Directory.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

SES NYC 2005 - Live Coverage
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Search Engine Strategies is here! SEW Moderator Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick) and Benjamin Pfeiffer (Phoenix) from are providing LIVE coverage on some of the best sessions of the conference."

The Best SEO Tactic is to do Nothing at all?
Webmaster World - "I can accept that there exist webmasters and companies with genius techies and a hard-wroking team of web promoters who can get results. But for the average webmaster is his time not best spent in developing a good site? Especially when no one can agree on what works anyway?"

Sued for Blackhat SEO?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Since all search engines have different tolerances for seo techniques, can someone really sue over this? What if the seo optimizes for MSN and Yahoo and inadvertently gets his client banned from google?"

Concerns Over New Google Tool
High Rankings Forum - "I have given Google exactly Zero permission to do anything with My Visitors and My Customers once they've reached my site. ...they're stealing my traffic and my potential income by fooling people into thinking they're clicking on a link that leads to another page in my site. How easy is that? Google are thieves."

Accidentally Uploaded the Wrong Robots.txt file
Best Practices Forums - "...we accidentally uploaded a robots.txt file that disallowed all robots. Yes, I know, stupid beyond belief, but it's done now... This month, although the pages are still in Google's index, their cached versions have been deleted and all rankings have disappeared. ...can I tell the client with confidence that this is just a one-month glitch?"

Getting an Education in Search Engine Marketing
Small Business Ideas Forum - "What are your favorite sites for the industry? Any wonderful newsletters that some of us may not have heard of? How did you get your search marketing education?"

International Links Discounted?
Cre8asite Forums - "I've encountered someone that claims if you have a site located in one country and there are links to it from sites located in other countries that those links won't help your link popularity. ...Can anyone confirm or deny this?"

Google's Stranglehold on Webmasters
Best Practices Forums - "Fear not; the lack of competition (not Google's fault!), is now a thing of the past, and signs are that they will have to work hard to keep a significant lead. Signs are they relish the challenge."

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Refer a Friend Ideas
"I want to develop an easy to use and easy to track program for refer a friend - and provide some benefit to the person referring a friend. ...Thoughts, comments, suggestions?"

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