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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-03-30

Hi Everyone,

When I asked for feedback some time back, Gareth Powell in Sydney suggested we add a glossary. Thanks to Gareth's suggestion, Jennifer is in the process of doing just that. A link to the glossary will be included in the right column of each issue. Thanks Gareth!

We ran an article last week that, while not directly about search marketing, is worthy of bringing to your attention. Guest writer Bob Hoffman provides an overview of how a lawsuit brought against Google by a news agency is negatively affecting his site. The article is:

"How AFP killed an Online News Site by Suing Google"

It's a good example of how legal issues in the search world can directly affect a small business.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

The Myth of Rankings - Beyond Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Guide - A consistent problem with the "ranking-centric" mindset is that it doesnít reflect a powerful rationale for getting involved in SEO. Where is the true business case? What tangible results are desired? In general, if a prospect canít explain what he or she hopes to achieve beyond "higher rankings" or "more traffic," we'll first try to educate, and, if that person canít move beyond these base subjects, weíll kindly refer them elsewhere.

The Easiest Sequence of Steps for Growth of Your SEO Career
Search Engine Guide - What I'd like to share here are some simple steps you can consider, as well as the sequence of those steps to be most effective in launching your proposed SEO business.

Looking for Links In All The Wrong Places?
Search Engine Guide - Niche and topical search engines and directories can bring your site highly targeted traffic. Maybe not a stampede of it, but a steady trickle of perfectly qualified users. And while some marketers are quick to claim nobody uses niche search engines because they've never heard of them, I can tell you from ten years of experience they're wrong.

Strategies For Preparing a PPC Keyword List (Part 1)
Search Engine Guide - Generating your initial keyword list for PPC should be a well-thought out process. Spend time to ask your peers, your friends, etc. about what words they would think about if they were looking for the products and services that you or your client offers. Lastly, resist the temptation to use the software to do all of your work.

How Image Links Can Help Build a Better User and Search Experience
Search Engine Guide - There are webmasters out there who believe that good design, usability, and SEO can't co-exist in the same site; that effective SEO will ruin usability or design elements. While there are plenty of examples that seem to prove this point, it doesn't have to be that way.

Enhancing Your Image with
SearchDay - Logos help build brand awareness, and upstart search engine Snap makes it easy for you to add your corporate image to search results.

How to Retain a Good In-House SEM Professional
ClickZ - Retention is an issue for any business. But in SEM, demand exceeds supply, and competition for your SEM expert's skill set is ferocious.

Crumbling Cookies Threaten SEM and Online Advertising
ClickZ - A recent Jupiter Research report found "as many as 39 percent of online users may be deleting cookies from their primary computer every month, undermining the usefulness of cookie-based measurement and leaving many site operators flying blind." Client data we've seen indicates the problem may not be quite as dire as all that... yet. But the trend toward blocked or deleted cookies is clearly increasing.

Why Quality Content is Key For Search Engines
SearchDay - How did the subject of 'content' find its way onto the agenda of a search engine marketing conference? Because often, higher rankings in search engines go to websites with higher quality content that earn more links.

Search Marketing FAQ: Special Relationships, Traffic and Plurals
Search Engine Guide - Jill continues her search engine marketing FAQ and answers commonly asked questions about special relationships with the engines, traffic estimates and keyword phrases.

Search Industry Maturing
Search Engine Guide - The activity of the first three months of this year has started to change how most users relate to search. For search marketers, environmental changes borne by the mass adoption of new technologies can be both boon and bust.

Yahoo! Unveils Yahoo! Creative Commons Search Beta
Search Engine Guide - According to Yahoo!, this search "will help you find content on the Web - text, books, educational material, etc. - that is free to share or build upon.". For example, you can use the Yahoo! Creative Commons Search Beta to find content that you can use to build a website with--and we all know that sometimes it's difficult to find additional content for websites.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Google Buys Urchin
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Does it seem like Google is ramping up to squeeze out SEMs and agencies for small to mid-size companies. You can already use the conversion tracking pixel with other campaigns--and now they might offer real web analytics. What next? Will they acquire a SEM or an agency, or revamp Adwords to offer automated bidding?"

What to do when you're kicked out of Adsense
Webmaster World - "I am one of a handful of people (that I'm aware of) who have had my account knocked out for invalid clicks and been reinstated a couple of months later. So, here's a little tip guide primer on what to expect and what to do."

Using Trailing Slash In Linking
High Rankings Forum - "Lately I have been trading some links with fellow sites and have noticed a lot of webmasters are strongly against us using a trailing slash in their reciprocal url... Is there a real difference, SEO or otherwise to using a trailing slash in the url? Will using a trailing slash in the urls i use for my on page anchors make any difference to Seo?"

Cre8asite Example Of The Year
Cre8asite Forums - "Much is said on the forum, many topics are discussed, a lot of input is requested and given. But in the end, where does it all lead? Isn't it all mere conjecture? Speculation? Fluff? What does it actually give you? With send2paul you can beautifully see where it leads: solid questions, informed opinions and replies, applied knowledge gathered. Growth."

Google Withheld Tax from My Last Payment
Webmaster World - "According to the tax information submitted in your Google AdSense account on Form W-9, your earnings are subject to tax withholding. As a result, we are required by the IRS to withhold 28% of your Google AdSense income."

Top 2 AdWords Sites Showing/Not-showing?
Webmaster World - "...only ads which have been reviewed and approved may go to the top. So if you are appearing in one of the top spots, and then make changes to the ad, it will go over to the right. Once reviewed and approved, it may or may not go back up top, depending on if it still meets the additional standard or not."

Yahoo buys Flickr
Webmaster World - "...Yahoo is not only still holding a trump card, but is also playing with a deck heavily stacked in their favor. People are not paying proper attention to Yahoo..."

Can Tagging Help Search?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "...I argue that we've had tagging of web pages for years and that the search engines don't use that information because it's not trustworthy. My feeling is that tagging is not somehow going to become a solution to better search relevancy even if it is "community driven" for all the same reasons -- it will ultimately be untrustworthy."

Yahoo Could Be Dropping API Access to PPC
Search Engine Watch Forums - "The various companies now using the API to provide stats for ROI measurement may be losing that privilege soon. Individuals will still get access for a fee - but it looks like agencies and SEM companies may soon be telling their customers that they cannot give them those figures."

BlowSearch Introduces PPC Program With Fraud Protection
Webmaster World - "The Competitor IP blocking tool was implemented to allow advertisers to protect themselves from malicious clicks. For those that are proactive in researching where traffic is coming from, like myself (yes I am an advertiser and webmaster too), this is invaluable in my book. That's the reason we have it available."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Self- Employment Advertising
"Are they requiring all stylists who lease space to contribute to the advertising? For example, one big ad that promotes the salon and all the stylists?"

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