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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-04-13

Hi Everyone,

In the last issue of our small business software newsletter I covered an excellent screen capture program from PixelMetrics. Soon after, Dave Eisler from PixelMetrics contacted me and offered a 20% discount to our readers. Cool! You can learn about the software here and the discount is available here:

Thanks for the discount Dave!

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

What is Content? Part I
Search Engine Guide - Good content is useful information or tools that your visitors will find helpful. It means different things to different businesses and the bottom line is that what constitutes "good content" depends on the goal of your site.

How Important is PageRank, Really?
Search Engine Guide - No one will argue that PageRank has become irrelevant, but there is significant evidence to suggest that PageRank is not quite as important of a factor in website ranking as it once was.

All Aboard! Inbound Links for SEO
Search Engine Guide - Did you know that search-engine-optimized Press Releases can help you achieve excellent rankings within major search engines? SEO press releases provide opportunities for inbound link development when Yahoo News, Google News and major news search engines list your data online.

Dialogue With Your Web Visitors Through Smarter Writing Styles
Search Engine Guide - If you have ever wished you could convert more of your Web site visitors into actual sales, then let's examine some superior ways to accomplish just exactly how it's done.

For Whom the Search Bell Tolls (Part 2)
iMedia Connection - After his last column sparked a flurry of comment, Search Editor Kevin Ryan wonders if it's still too early to count out SEM firms.

Pay Per Click Advertising Fraud - The Inside Story
AGoToGuy's Weblog - I will be disclosing some common business practices in the pay per click business model. Some of these comments will make a lot of advertisers extremely unhappy and it may draw backlash from some of the engines. Frankly, I donít really care. My only concern is that someone from inside the pay per click industry finally address the issue of click fraud, head on, without skirting the truth.

Meta-Tag Optimization Tips
ClickZ - I'll dispel some of the meta-tag mythology and maybe put a different spin on meta-tag optimization.

Directories: Love 'em or Leave 'em
Search Engine Guide - I firmly believe that directories can be foundational for building link popularity and a very important reason why a web site owner should make sure they are included in them. It is a step in your marketing that you can easily control.

Accelerated Keyword and Engine Testing, Part 2
ClickZ - Nothing hurts your business more than giving up on a potentially important keyword within an engine that can deliver enough click volume to make a difference, assuming you can find a way to hit your media objectives with that keyword. By giving up on a keyword, you give visibility, leads, and, potentially, customers to your competitors.

Web Site Check-Up in 10 Easy Steps
Search Engine Guide - Tuning up your site might help you to uncover little things that may be hindering your siteís performance. A Web site is most successful when site owners take the time to make constant improvements and respond to their visitors.

Google United - Google Patent Examined
Search Engine Guide - Google's newest patent application is lengthy. It is interesting in some places and enigmatic in others. Less colourful than most end user license agreements, the patent covers an enormous range of ranking analysis techniques Google wants to ensure are kept under their control.

Blogs, Boards, and Posts: Capturing Consumer Buzz Online
SearchDay - A new category of software tools has emerged that uses search engine technology to find and organize consumer-posted thoughts and opinions. These tools not only help marketers discover what is being said about their companies and brands, they also allow them to use that insight to drive new campaigns and even develop new products.

Will search integration kill the search firm? - If MSNís integrated approach -- along with other search providers like Google testing the waters with more online advertising one-stop solutions (Google acquired the analytics provider, Urchin last week) -- is any indication of things to come, search firms will have to work pretty hard to stay in demand since many of the tasks performed in paid search may more easily be accomplished by agencies or the search sites.

Lycos Teams With AlmondNet on Search Ads
DMNews - AlmondNet, a media and ad technology firm in New York, will distribute Lycos' InSite AdBuyer paid search ads throughout its Post-Search network. The network delivers ads to consumers on Web sites based on their recent search queries.

Flash authors ponder Google pitfalls - Flash developers flock to San Francisco conference to hear tips on making their sites Google-friendly.

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Lower your Google AdWords click costs
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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

BadRank & Page Penalization
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Many, in the forums, feel that search engines would rarely penalize for being linked to by "bad" sites. But these papers clearly discuss how a page that is being linked to by "bad" sites but NOT linking back to any "bad" sites will be penalized."

Is Adsense Going to Eventually Bust?
Webmaster World - "I currently do not use AdSense but am trying to decide if it's worth moving all my content around to add Adsense to my pages or just stick with regular affiliates. They may not be a quick buck but they seem, at the moment, a safer more permanent solution."

New Google Answering Facts
Webmaster World - "Soon enough Google wont need publishers, they will just answer everything themselves."

Of Sandboxes and Toolbars: Google's New Patent Application
Cre8asite Forums - "...thought that it would be a good idea to break down the patent step-by-step and see what lurks underneath all of the legal language."

Linearization, Tokenization, Filtration, and Stemming
High Rankings Forum - "...I was wondering if some body can guide me as to where I can possibly read to understand the concepts..."

Bookmarks Seen by Search Engines?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "This is probably the single biggest reason for Google to build its own browser. If search engines can analyze bookmarks, that is a better indicator of popularity over linking. MSN already has a browser so they would be wise to be working on this already... a big head start if you ask me."

Attaining Quality Ranks on MSN Search
Webmaster World - "So what do you think is the issue here. How do they get page 1 rank 1 for this keyword, and yet they have very little obvious density etc. Heck they don't even have they metatags setup correctly!"

High/Low Bandwidth Version of a Site: Spamming?
Virtual Promote - "I was wondering if creating a high-bandwidth (Flash-based, bells and whistles) and a low-bandwidth (straight HTML/CSS) of the same Web site to accommodate users needs/wants would be seen as spamming by search engines?"

Google Dynamically Changing Page Titles
Search Engine Watch Forums - "It's not your imagination. Your page titles may be changing dynamically depending on what terms your pages rank for in Google. What's the alternative source to your HTML title tag? Seems to be the ODP."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Drop Menu Example Sites
"We plan to use text navigation throughout the site with suitable keyword links that will entice people to view more... However we would also like to give our potential users a 'familiar face' menu system."

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